$6 TeeFury Grab Bag

Whovian Grab Bag

TeeFury is having a blowout grab bag sale!!! You have 2 choices: Whovian or Non-Whovian. I am personally ordering a few Whovian varieties for our house. You can see the more than 16 designs of each camp but not choose your shirt. I personally like all the Whovian choices so we will be happy with whatever we get. And did I mention they are only $6!!!

So go grab a few for you and all those you know! These would be great gifts, especially for only $6!!!! And remember, they have kid sizes too!!!

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Guardians of the Galaxy – Gamora Featurette and a Game!

Guardians of the Galaxy Game

Guardians of the Galaxy will be opening soon on August 1st! But to tie us all over there are a couple of tasty little things!

There is a new game called Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon. It ranges between $7.99 (from the Windows Store) or $4.99 (from the Windows Phone Store). It looks super cute and there is a trailer of for the game!

There is also a new featurette all about Gamora.

It looks like she is going to be a great, strong female character. I have really been impressed with how well Marvel has been handling and empowering these character. Of course I naturally give Joss Whedon all the credit but…

So who is planning on checking out as soon as it hits theaters?

A Real, Honest to Goodness Doctor Who Trailer

It appears that the BBC wants to celebrate my 18th anniversary! And they have released a real trailer for the new season 8!

I am already coming up with some hypotheses on what kind of doctor Capaldi is going to be. Right now I am leaning towards a goofy with a back bone of being a serious, old dear who wants the best but can be quite stern if the occasion arises. I am hoping to see less of is anger and brooding. I also have a feeling there might be a tinge of steampunk through it all.

So what are your theories for the new season? Are you excited or have nervous trepidation?

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

This isn’t a super new trailer but cute. But there is a little snippet that seems to tell you even more about the movie.

I am expecting a kind of kitsch movie but I think it will also look pretty awesome too. I don’t come to it with a whole lot of foreknowledge so it will all be new to me.

How about you? Are you familiar with the Guardians of the Galaxy comics? Do you have high expectations? Let me know in the comments!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Fabulous Doctor Who Time Warp

This is one of the best videos I have seen in a long time! Hillywood has done some other videos that I have liked before but this takes the cake. And the guy who does the David Tennant voice is phenomenal!!!

And just for you entertainment, know that my kids have been doing this piece in the back yard every day;).

Sol Republic Relays Giveaway Just in Time for Graduation!

Relays_PhotoMerge_SRlogo We are finally at the end of the school year and for some it is the end of an era. So this giveaway is in honor of graduation! But not just to honor graduates but the parents and loved ones who got them there! I am so grateful that SOL Republic is sponsoring a great way to relax in your chaos!

SOL Republic newest headphones at the Relays! We all know that graduation doesn’t rid you of the chaos so these are the perfect set for the person on the go. In addition to being lightweight and having great sound, these in-ear headphones are both sweat and water resistant. So they will wear well through the crazy summer heat. They also have what is called a universal fit which really means that they fit well and once they are in, they stay there! I am so stoked that SOL Republic is giving away a set of these fab headphones to one of you, my fabulous readers! a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Disclosure: I received product for myself from SOL Republic in exchange for this giveaway. But all words and thoughts are mine!)

2 Non-SciFi Show for Whovians


Trailers for next fall tv shows are every where right now. There are 2 shows coming up that are must sees for myself and all Whovians.

The first one is Selfie. This is a modern retelling of My Fair Lady but instead of being poor, Karen Gillan’s character is vapid and social media obsessed. John Cho looks like he is going to be a fabulous Henry Higgins. I have seen some videos of Gillian doing comedy pre-Who and I think this could be really good. While Gillan may be what gets many of us to tune in, I think the show could be funny or really dumb. But I am hoping for funny;).

The second show is Gracepoint. This is basically an American version of Broadchurch, which also stars David Tennant. Supposedly it is a little different so if you saw the British version this version isn’t pre-ruined. I have only seen 1 episode of Broadchurch but this looks almost the exact same. But I will probably watch it anyway;).

Come on fall tv! Hurry up and get here!!!

Great T-Shirt Sale for #StarWarsDay

As you may know today is May the 4th and it is Star Wars Day (ok, not officially or anything;). So of course Tee Fury has some great Star Wars themed shirts in their Galactic Collection! These are shirts that are being offered for $15 each, in addition to their fabulous daily deal shirts for $11 (which today has 2 great Star Wars shirts battling). This collection is for a limited time so make sure to snap up all that you want! Here are a few of my favorites!

Doctor Who and Ewoks!!!

Doctor Who and Jawas!!!

Who wouldn't love Yoda the Grouch?

Who wouldn’t love Yoda the Grouch?

You are my only hope!

You are my only hope!

You have got to have a little light saber and Darth action!

You have got to have a little light saber and Darth action!

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Nokia Icon Camera


I am not known for good pictures. I’m just not. But I like to try;). And when I received the Nokia Lumia Icon I was very excited to see how much better it could make my pictures! I mean, this has about 5 mp more than my point and shoot camera! Of course I took the standard selfies and pictures of my kids but I thought the pictures from the car wash were note worthy! And these haven’t been altered at all!

I absolutely love how the camera caught the water streaking across the windshield.


This 2nd one was taken from the driver’s seat and is out the passenger window. No zoom or anything. I love how it still grabbed the drips and the light behind the twirling brush.


This is what effect the zoom has! I was surprised to see that the colors became more vibrant. Zooms on other phones and cameras seem to close in on an object but not really bring out a whole lot more detail but with the Icon 20 mp camera seems to find detail that I really didn’t even see with my bare eyes.

The zoom was super easy to control with just a finger slide! So it means that it is great in a real life situation that doesn’t allow you to stage a picture;).

I am going to sound old here but have some patience;). I can not believe that my phone has phenomenal camera!!! Not only do I remember the days before digital photography, I also remember the first digital cameras and just how bad they were.

I have been so impressed with the Nokia Lumia Icon and its camera. It isn’t just the 20 mp but also the Zeiss lenses and all the software build ins that maximize this fabulous hardware. So in addition to the actual smart phone being great, the camera just makes this a fabulous phone!

(I am a Verizon Ambassador and a Windows Champion. While I did receive the phone to write about, all opinions and thoughts are mine alone!)


A Little Stewart – Spiner Action

Lately everyone is all chattering about the friendship between Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart. Sure, they are cute and funny together but I find the Patrick Stewart/Brent Spiner relationship hilarious!

I offer these videos as proof;).


And turn about is fair play;):