A Quick Look at the Lenovo Yoga

As a member of the Windows Champions group I received a Lenovo Yoga to use this year. I am absolutely loving it! As with machine, there are a couple quirks but on the whole it is fabulous!

It is a convertible model that has a touch screen and can be used as a tablet. I think that makes it the perfect travel machine or even primary machine for students(or anyone that isn’t looking to do a lot of heavy processing).

I have already traveled with the machine and use it just about every evening. I highly recommend the Lenovo Yoga!

(Yes, I am writing about this because it was given to me but all thoughts are mine.)

Sherlock and Music Anyone?

I don’t know when I am not in a Sherlock or music mood but… today I was wanting both. And thought I should share;).

2 Great Doctor T-Shirts!

Once again TeeFury has some fabulous Doctor Who tees!!!! Just $11 each so you can get both.

Doctor Selfie

Doctor Selfie

First up in this battle is NerdDad’s choice, Doctor Selfie.
Let's Play Doctor

Let’s Play Doctor

That is up against the super cute Let’s Play Doctor. So which one is your favorite? At $11, I am not sure you have to choose;).

And for all you Karen Hallion fans, they are featuring her work in the gallery! You can get a bunch of her shirts at $18.

HTC One, Twitter and More

There are few interesting headlines in the last couple of  days.


First up is the most expected announcement. Verizon  is going to exclusive carry the new HTC One M8 for 16 days. From what I have heard on the design they basically rejiggered the M7 adding the Duo camera system and a NFC SIM card. They are so excited about this that they are doing a buy 1 get one free deal…

Netflix is in the news. After all the mutual admiration with Comcast it seems Netflix isn’t quite so happy. Netflix CEO blogged that he would like the FCC to get more involved in the way the internet works. It will be interesting to see how this all works out…

I saw over on GigaOm that Twitter users on iPhones can now tag up to 10 people in a picture. I think that is fabulous but I would love to have that on Android and Windows phones as well. I think this is a functionality that has long been needed in order to regain their social media edge over Facebook!

Just a few stories that I heard and thought you might want to know!


First Glance at the Nokia Lumia Icon


I recently received a Nokia Lumia Icon to review and this was the first picture I took with it! The Icon brags a 20 megapixel camera so I couldn’t wait to try it. So when I saw this dandelion when I was getting the mail I had to try it out!

I am loving this phone over all! It is my first go on a Windows phone in a couple of years. They have come a long way! It runs faster and the apps are better! There are still some holes (like Hootsuite & Cozi) but over all they have just about everything I need now! Even Instagram!

This is a phone that is to rival the S4 and the iPhone and so far it is!!! I have been very impressed and am looking forward to diving in further!

(While this is a piece full of my own opinions, I was given the phone from Verizon. I am a Verizon Ambassador and a Windows Champions. But that doesn’t change my opinions just my subjects!

Sherlock Series 4 Promo

Or is it;)?

Ok, this may not be real but this is amazing! There are so many clips from so many different things. And I amazed at the sync on all of them along with the music….

So what did you think? Do you like these fan videos or does it just make you realize how much we aren’t getting from Moffat and Gatiss?

Zachary Levi Wants Your Help

I haven’t gotten to go to Comic-Con yet but, being the geek I am, I have always wanted to. After it every year I watch the panels that are put on YouTube but some of the best videos I have seen aren’t from Comic-Con but from Nerd HQ. Nerd HQ is actually an event that Zachary Levi and The Nerd Machine put on.

It is a free fan event that also raises money for charity every year. Well, it has grown to such a size that there is an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to put it on!

So if you want your Nerd HQ jump over there and contribute!


Frozen Doctor Who Tee Shirts

All of you know that I am a big Doctor Who fan and I love a geeky tee shirt! A while ago my friend Crystal introduced me to the designs of Karen Hallion. You may be familiar with her work on the shirts with Belle and Ariel going into the Tardis. Well, Wednesday 2 of her brand new shirts are on sale at TeeFury! These are both Frozen/Doctor Who mash ups with the 2 sisters. I don’t think these have been sold any where else yet! I don’t know if they will have them on sale at all past the 24 hour special so run and get them!!!

Come Out and Play

Come Out and Play


Frozen in Time and Space

Frozen in Time and Space

So which one will you choose?

(And yes, I have “Do you want to build a Snowman” going through my head. Also there are affiliate links in this post.)

Captain America is Coming Back! Let the Real Coverage Begin!

I know it isn’t news but extended trailers are always nice! I am really intrigued to see just how pivotal The Falcon and Black Widow are going to be. And will that lead to their own movies?

And of course I am not the only one thinking and talking about Captain America;). Surf & Sunshine is talking about what she learned about the Shield in her interview with the property master!

What great (and insightful) coverage have you found out there?


Panasonic Link2Cell & Saving Calls! (A Giveaway Too)

I know I am not alone with the modern issues of cell phones and home phones. I mean, first off I have too many separate phones to track! Secondly, I don’t get good cell reception everywhere in my house.

This was a huge issue when my dad was sick and when he died. I was getting calls from my step mom on my cell and in order to have a conversation I would have to go outside or kick all my kids out of the living room because that was the only way I could get a signal! But that is no longer my issue at home because technology (and Panasonic) has a solution.

I recently got a Link2Cell KX-TG7742S telephone from Panasonic to review and I love it! At first look it just seems like a standard home phone set up with a base and handsets but it is more than that. You can link your cell phone to it by Bluetooth and it enables all your cell phone calls to go through it. You don’t even have to have a home line to use it.

Set up was extremely easy! First you place the base near the magic spot in your house where you get the best cell reception and therefore where your cell it. You can tie it to up to 2 cells. You punch in a code to pair it to the 1st and then the 2nd while you also pair it from the cellphone side too. That was it. You can even charge your phone off the base if you are out of outlets.

I love that in between rings it will audibly tell you who is calling based on caller id. While I don’t have caller id on my home phone, I do on my cell! I love it because I don’t have to go get the handset to see who is calling. If I am just going to let it ring through to my voice mail I just leave it alone.

You can pick up this phone from Panasonic and see all their options. My set came with a base and 2 handsets. You can also win a Link2Cell phone system here!!!

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(Disclosure: Panasonic gave me a review unit but all thoughts are my own. The prize is from Panasonic and they are responsible for all fulfillment.)