A Look at 2013 CES

CES (Consumer Electronic Show) was last week in Las Vegas. It is the time when all the companies that deal with technology on a consumer level come out for a huge game of show and tell. Some are things that are here, coming and hope to be coming;). I decided to take just a minute to look at a few of the cool things I have heard about (from home;).

The home show is a huge part of CES! Everyone brings out there concept models to get everyone excited!!! Why all the concept stuff and not just what is coming out new? Because it not only energizes people but it gets developers excited to work with them!

Whirlpool had their fireplace table along with a whole booth of awesomeness including Art Gallery Hoods and a house controlled by smart phone! The Smart Grid aspect (being able to manage your appliances power use is actually supposed to be coming out this spring.

Samsung brought out their smart home set up too that including their T9000 refrigerator with the lcd screen built in. I have already heard talk from someone at Evernote about how they are working the app for it. These devices are nothing now without apps!

Then there is the gadgets! There are toys like remote controlled toys & Lego stuff. There is also lot accessories. Sony showed everyone their new speakers including the bluetooth mobile speaker. IHome showed a ton of their new systems too. Then there are all the other “smart” accessories like the HapiFork that tells you to slow down when you eat and monitors your eating.

And then there are the machines! We already heard about the monitors. There are also the new phones and computers. Even there Microsoft wasn’t a big presence the new Windows 8 machines were a big thing and some of them are actually available now;). Lenovo showed their new machines like the Ideapad Yoga¬†and Asus showed the ginormous 23 inch tablet!!!

There is so much more that happened at CES but these are just a few of the awesome highlights I have seen!!! Maybe next year I will muster another trip to CES and check it all out for myself!


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