Agreement Translated In French

Macron`s ambassador told the European Commission this morning at a meeting of senior diplomats in Brussels that the agreement must be translated into French before being submitted for consideration by MEPs. Emmanuel Macron insists that the trade deal between Britain and the EU must be translated into French before he supports it, even if it means risking a Brexit without a deal. MEPs must ratify the final agreement before the end of the year, otherwise the UK will act with the EU from 1 January on the less lucrative terms of the WTO. Nor will any agreement disrupt air transport, trade and freight transport, as the UK will leave the EU legal framework without a replacement agreement. “There is growing concern that the negotiation process is not moving fast enough to guarantee ratification of a possible agreement by the end of the year,” said an EU diplomat. An EU diplomat said: “Member states agree on the need to speed up emergency planning in parallel with the ongoing and hopefully fruitful negotiations. We have to be ready for all the results.¬†However, France has stated that it will not accept any political decision to ensure that MEPs can only ratify the agreement in English, in order to buy time if an agreement can be reached. The RTE channel said that the Commission was considering a revision clause that would come into force after five to ten years on the fisheries rights agreements and the trade agreement, but which was not submitted to the United Kingdom as part of negotiations. A senior official, defending Mr Barnier, said that due to slippery delays, it was unlikely that legally watertight translations of the free trade agreement in all EU languages would be available before 1 January.

COMMUNICATION: For your safety, I will stay in touch with you every step of the way, from offer to delivery. By listening and responding to the needs of my clients, I release all the concerns they can and release the whole process stress-free. A senior EU diplomat predicted that a “creative solution” could be found, but this is far from certain. Macron, backed by Belgium and the Netherlands, urged the Commission to publish contingency plans at an EU summit on Thursday night, amid the risk of destabilising delicate negotiations.