Fabulous Conference Clothes

I love being a blogger for so many intellectual reasons. It can feed my soul but sometimes it feeds my wardrobe too!!! As I was gearing up for the BlogHer and Savvyblogging conferences I was given some great clothes by Kiyonna to wear.

I got the fabulous Retro Glam Lace dress that I wore to the Microsoft cocktail party along with Social Soiree and a delightful dinner with some friends. And yes, that is the fabulous Jennie Mai!!! She was at the Microsoft cocktail party (and did makeovers the next day at the conference). She loved my dress! She also gave me the style tip that the belt should be tied in the back because there was so much fabulous going on already!

I also had the fabulous Harlow Faux Wrap Dress. I was able to wear it during the day for the convention floor and events like the Scholastic brunch and the Getting gorgeous event.  It also transitioned nicely to evening events like the Dessert After Dark party! I am a huge fan of a faux wrap dress because it gives me the slimming but at the same time I don’t risk exposure;).  It was super easy to wear and so comfy!!!!

But I must say, my favorite piece was the Melrose Mesh top! It is so easy to wear and dresses up and down so well! I wore it on the floor of the Expo and to the Verizon lunch. Then I wore it with a fabulous pencil skirt to a Broadway show and dinner. There will be more written about this in the near future! (I have to do another piece because of all the fabulous pictures;)

I want to thank Kiyonna for making one of the best dressed bloggers at BlogHer 2012 and the red carpet night at the Savvy Blogging Summit 2012. I love the clothes and look forward to wearing some more of their great pieces!!!




  1. You look spectacular!!! I love your accessories too!

  2. You looked even more fabulous than usual.
    I’d never heard of Kiyonna before you told me about it. They make the best plus-sized clothes.

  3. Lookin’ good sister! LOVE the lace dress! I wants!!!! : ) Your blog looks amazing as well!

  4. LOVE the outfits!! You always look great…
    Comfort is where it’s at…and if you feel comfortable, then it shines right through!

  5. Those clothes all look great on you.

    One thing I have become wary of is shopping just for conferences. I end up having too many cute dresses for my everyday life. My new kick is to spend some effort a couple times per year shopping for what I wear on Tuesday at 10 am. That makes more of an impact on my every day happiness.

  6. I recall stopping you to compliment some of those fabulous clothes! You looked terrific.

  7. Thanks everyone and Jessica, I recall that;)!

    Whitney, I am totally with you. The lace dress is something that I won’t wear often but you always need at least one nice dress. The eggplant dress is great for church on Sunday and is super easy to wear. I will be posting on just how very variable the blue shirt is soon!

  8. Amanda Klunk says:

    I am so glad I found this page. I looked up the retro glam lace dress and fell in love with it. I ordered for a wedding that I am attending. I hope it looks half as good on me as it does you!

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