Hot or Not

Do you like the disinterested model look;)?

Ok, I am a little slow but… I finally got a maxi dress. But my problem is I think I love it but I am not very confident about it. I am flying to a conference tomorrow night and then meeting a cousin & aunt for the first time. This is super comfy and I am thinking about wearing it but I am just not sure. What do you all think about it? Is it hot or not?

And just for added frustration, NerdFamily Dad is not sure about at all. He says it looks very 70’s. When I ask if it is 70’s good or bad I just get a shrug.

Let me know what you think. If it is a winner I will be wearing it to Savvy Blogging!


  1. My opinion: Hot? No. Bad? No. I like it better with the sweater than without. I think it’s great if you’re looking for cute AND comfy!

  2. I like the dress. Love the red inset. But lose the sweater IMHO

  3. I think the red cardigan finishes the outfit and pulls it all together! I think it looks great! But I’m all for pops of color so maybe that is why!

  4. Agreed. Love the dress. No sweater. Looking forward to seeing you at Savvy!

  5. Cute especially with the red sweater and you are SMART to wear long skirt- it gets COLD in those rooms!

    See you at Savvy!

  6. I like it with the sweater best. Maybe if you added a necklace and earrings to complete the look? Either way you pull off the maxi look stunningly.

  7. I like it! Love the red shoes! I would carry the sweater in case it gets cold, but I think the dress is more slimming without it. I will be wearing my first maxi dress to SBSummit too. I’m looking froward to meeting you!

  8. It looks great without the cardigan. Some bracelets or a necklace would be nice too.

  9. The fact that the dress in cinched in the middle slims the waist. I love layering, and I love RED, but I like it better without the cardigan. –because every woman should feel extravagant.

  10. Love the dress — and those red shoes. 🙂
    I like it best without the cardigan, but bring it with in case it gets chilly.
    See you at Savvy!

  11. Totally cute! I love your tip about packing dresses only because they take up less space! I also wondered how people traveled with these wee little itty bitty bags! 🙂 Now I know! it was fun to ride the train back to the airport with you! TTYL!

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