Think Geek’s Bargain Geek T Shirt Deal

One Random Shirt of Surprising Awesomeness

Every once in a while Think Geek likes to clean out their t shirt closet. And when they do, they sell the shirts are bargain prices and at random.  And while the graphic says they start at $8.99, they are all that price now regardless of size.  But what is the deal? According to Think Geek themselves these shirts:

  • Designs that were discontinued, but we had a few left over.
  • Shirts that were printed correctly but on the wrong color shirt.
  • Designs that needed to be retired for one reason or another.
  • Retired designs that reappeared after cleaning out the warehouse.

While you may not know what kind you are going to get there is a very cool chance it is awesome! One of the issues with this deal is that they only have a size until they run off so waiting may mean you miss out!

I am off to get some for myself and NerdDad. I love pairing geek t shirts with a jacket, boyfriend jeans and a great pair of flats!

Go shop while they still have all the sizes!


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