Will 12 Be a Darker Doctor?

I saw this over on Nerdist and they say it shows a very dark doctor… I think I disagree but I am not sure yet.

We have to keep in mind that every Doctor has to get his proverbial legs after regeneration so I don’t know that we can really judge who Capaldi’s Doctor can be with clips from the first couple of episodes. But I don’t really think he is going to go dark.

Now he has hope but he also feels his age. I think that we are going to see some wackiness but he also now has a mission. I really think the reason Matt Smith was so young was to distract from the very dark doctor he was. Matt Smith was angry and deceptive. So I think Capaldi will be coming out of that and into something more hopeful. Maybe not perky but not super dark.

Also something is made of the fact that Clara is called his carer. Like she will be the one who cares and is his morality. I think that is over looking his age and the creep factor. This 20 something traveling with this old man. She may be described as literally a caretaker…

But none of us have seen enough to really know. What do you think we will see in Capaldi’s Doctor? Dark? Anger? Goofy? Let me know in the comments!!!

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