Windows 8 Isn’t Just for Touchscreens!


Let me say that once more. Windows 8 isn’t just for touchscreens!!!

I am getting tired of hearing various people saying that Windows 8 really isn’t only for touchscreens. I see it on Twitter, podcasts that I watch and various posts and it just isn’t true. Windows 8 is a full operating system and while it is extra cool on a touchscreen (and what isn’t?), it doesn’t need a touchscreen to fully utilize it. But I am not going to just tell you that you are wrong;).

I have a couple of resources to help you acclimate to the Windows 8 environment smoothly! And while I do have been given a Windows 8 machine with a touchscreen, we bought a Toshiba Windows 8 laptop that doesn’t have a touchscreen and is wonderful!

So of course you can mouse around Windows 8 but keyboard shortcuts still exist! I have heard that all the mousing around is annoying and it shows us how much Windows 8 was designed for a touchscreen. Well, not only have I found all my basic text manipulation keyboard controls work but there are ones to specifically use charms menu and a 1 key to search command. You can hop between applications with they keyboard. You can even zoom in and out without having to touch and pinch!

Just to make life a little easier Microsoft has an entire Youtube playlist just dealing with keyboard and mouse tips.

If the fear that you wouldn’t get around without a touchscreen is what is keeping you from Windows 8, well don’t let it! And no one else tell me that Windows 8 is only for touchscreens, ok?

(I am a Windows Champion, which means I get access to some Windows & Microsoft technology. But all opinions are mine and mine alone!)

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