1 Year with My Full Service Verizon Plan!!!

It has been on Verizon for 1 year! I made the jump from a $25 a month plan and was afraid that I would regret the jump and I haven’t at all! Having a great cell phone plan has really improved my quality of life!!! I don’t regret a dime.

#Disclosure I am a Verizon Ambassador and they have provided me a phone to us but all the thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone!


  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m going to be making some changes as well. Girl the camera looks great! And the video is super clear too – Great job.

  2. I am OG Verizon. Love the quality, love the service, love the reliability – when everyone else is waiting for a connection I’m screamin’ with 4 bars!

    I have four lines, 3 w/ data – 2 of which were grandfathered in with unlimited data. Love!

    Your video is awesome quality!

  3. Great video! And it’s important for people to know the pros/cons of having a pay-as-you-go vs. paid plan, especially when security is important and being able to do work on the go.

  4. Plus, they work closely with the NSA to make sure your call metadata is accurate and fully backed up.

  5. Monica Vila says:

    Great video blog!!! You are so natural!!

    AND yes, you are totally right, there are some things that cannot be done cheaply….especially as you point out, your security and your connection to your kids. I am right there with you. AT&T had offered me a better plan as we got ready to switch to Verizon Wireless and we turned down the less expensive option from them to go with the more reliable one.
    Comment disclosure: I do perform promotional work for VZ now!!

  6. That is insane, I had no clue that pay-as-you-go phones were so awful! I have never had one before, and I don’t think I could ever change over to that, but now I wouldn’t even get it for my kids when they are old enough for phones! Why would you bother with the $25 per month if you don’t even get coverage? Thanks for the heads up!

    Great video!

  7. Really great points you make in the video. As I travel around the country I consistently find that Verizon Wireless is the clearest service – that is comparing service side by side with different carriers even.

    Disclosure: I am do work for Verizon Wireless in social media – but I really do think they rock

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