5 Mustache Jewelry Bargains

Mustache Collage2

Not only are mustaches retro fun, they are also geeky fashion! I found a bunch of great pieces that would be great to wear or as gifts and I just had to share.



Amazon has this great set Mustache Jewelry Set for only 50 cents. Yes, the ring, earrings, and necklace are included. There is shipping on top of that but still a great deal!



They also have these great mustache earrings for only 23 cents with free shipping!!!

Need a little color? The red mustache earrings are only 5 cents with a $3.95 shipping so when it is all said and done they are $4!





They have them in teal too!!!


For the younger geeks (or maybe me too) there are these awesome rubber mustache bracelets! They are $8.30 but you get 12 in a package!!

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