6 Must Have Windows 8 Phone Apps


When you get a new phone there is always the conversation as to apps. Here are 6 apps that are a must on my Nokia Lumina 822 phone!

1) Sky Drive: Access to my files are a must!

2)One Note: I save all kinds of notes to myself! They can pictures, links or lists and all have a home on my One Note. I can even share folders with the husband super easy.

3) Office App: I can keep track of work for clients, put together posts (with formatting) or anything else when I get a minute in the car.

4) You Version Bible App: Not only does it have a ton of different versions of the Bible but it also has all my church’s sermon notes (free to me and the church) and reading plans for devotions.

5) Facebook: I use this more to see what everyone else is doing than my own posts (I can make and manage those through the phone’s Me pane).

6) Twitter: I use twitter not only to keep up with my friends but also on news and the world!!! I don’t quite remember how I lived with out it;).

What are your must have Windows 8 apps?

(I am part of a Verizon Ambassador program and received the Nokia Lumina 822 for free. I am also part of the Windows Champions program. All opinions are my own!)


  1. You know what I’m going to say, right? 🙂 AboutOne is one of my favorite apps. I use it to record prescriptions, doctor’s appointments, receipts, my kids’ artwork, car maintenance, all kinds of things.

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