A Glimpse at the Microsoft Surface RT

Yes, I let out a little squee as I opened this box!

Yes, I let out a little squee as I opened this box!

I know that I am not the only geek that had been waiting for the Surface tablet to come out. I love my Windows 8 phone so you can imagine my excitement as I opened the box from Microsoft!!! As a Windows Champion I was blessed to receive the opportunity to review the Surface!

Ok, this is totally girly but it is so sleek and purdy! It is ready to go right out of the box. Just log in with your Microsoft Live account and you are ready to start downloading apps. It was very easy to hook my email, Facebook and Twitter accounts together and immediately start up my main tile that is all about me! The live tiles are easy to size and arrange to make my experience exactly what I wanted. I just went to the store, picked out my apps, then sized them and moved them where I wanted. Seriously, it took that much effort.

It is a tablet and really just a tablet. At least until there are more apps available in the Windows App Store for power users. The fact that it came with a click in keyboard meant it was a usable tablet but the battery is somewhat limited. I found the RT environment very confining because I was thinking of it more of it as an ultra book;). Until things like WordPress and Hootsuite are really built into Windows 8, I can’t use it as a travel work machine.

For normal people, I think this will work for most! It is a beautiful display that would be great for watching movies on a variety of apps that are available. The Windows 8 environment handles personal email, Twitter and Facebook wonderfully. With the new Office 365 (which I didn’t get until after I was done using the Surface) paired with all the other apps available there isn’t much you can’t do if you aren’t a power user!

So have you tried out the Surface yet? What did you think? Are you a power user with many specific apps you need or do you think this would be a good fit? Let me know! I am very curious about what you all think!!




  1. Tim de Ville says:

    I’m trying out a number of devices at work for student use, and one of those is the Surface RT. I thought the hardware is really nice, very well put together and I love the screen. I have the touch cover and although it works well, its not great on my lap being fabric, you need a hard surface.

    The main problem I have is that seeing as its RT, it only runs Windows store apps, and there aren’t many great apps yet to cover all our needs. We also have decided against iPad because we would find it easier to bind to an Active Directory domain and control over group policy etc. Windows RT can’t do this.

    Since trying the Surface, I’ve now got an Acer W510 which actually cost us less than the Surface but runs full Windows 8. It’s not very powerful, but its more than good enough for most tasks, and is silent even though its hot the latest Atom CPU. I also like the face the slide on keyboard has an extra battery in it, so I think it lasts about 16 hours!

    Next up I’m going to try a Dell model, but I like the way these are going. Personally I prefer my iPad, but for productivity, these are getting very good

  2. I think I am a computer screen says:

    I think the key thing to recognise here is that Microsoft Surfaces are niche market in there own selves. They are powered by a quad core Tegra 3, or 4 (I can’t remember), so you’re at Asus Transformer Infinity level; and both of those tablets are good compared to each other, but very different!

    Windows RT on a Surface is very limited, and for me (having used a Surface RT) – it’s epically amazing as a toy! I loved it! Everything was ready to go! But that’s what it is. It’s not reached a standard where it’s productive enough to be ‘useful’. I think including office 365, which I didn’t have a lot of time with, was by far the most useful feature of the device! I also liked how some apps in the store were free, compared to equivalent app stores eg. Shazzam. It was a big leap for MS to take bringing out the Surface RT, and it didn’t help that over in England, you couldn’t just walk into the store and buy one! Having far less time on a Surface Pro with an i5, straight away was a quick improvement. Having a x64 architecture processor made, just for the small time I was using it, everything easier. It can run most of the programmes it should – and compatibility in 8, well….that’s a different story. The Surface Pro can offer far more, and this is me writing it off compared to the Surface RT. The Surface Pro is far more productive, and is far more like your laptop in a tablet.

    The conclusion, I love surface RT for fun and games but the Surface Pro does the job of the RT much better. It even clears your bank account out better then the RT!

  3. considering that you could run wordpress on a browser and Surface having a real browser built-in I do not see how this could be limiting.

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