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I recently got a chance to go to Seattle as part of a Champions Summit and it was fabulous! One of the things we got to do was have a little photography class! As many of you may know… Photography is not a natural (or existing) talent of mine. So I am always looking for tips.

I got to learn about the Nokia Pro app and how to use the tools that are built into the Nokia camera.

A couple things you don’t even really have to do anything for:
1)Turn off the flash.
2)Tell your camera what you want to take a picture of by tapping on your screen. Then give the camera a second and let it focus.
3)You can also slide to zoom and then tap to let it focus.
4)Always take your pictures with your camera turned wide ways.

Using the tools:
1)Pull your finger from right to left to reveal a dial with different circles. Play with them! All the pictures up top were taken with different options and zooms on that wheel! It can make a huge difference.
2)White balance has a huge effect. It can turn your pictures warmer or cooler. It can make your picture seem to have had more light.
3)You can also edit on your phone! The benefit of that is…. you will retain the image size! So crop in and it will save it for you but as a new image so you will also retain your original. (My favorite thing).

Those are the go to points that I came home with from the Windows Champions Summit’s photography session. What are your favorite tips?

Remember, just because Microsoft took me to Seattle all the thoughts and opinions are still mine!

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