A Look at the LG Spectrum

Recently I was gifted a brand new LG Spectrum 4G Android Phone and I love it!!! In the spirit of full disclosure my last phone would overheat and just shut down randomly. So some of my fascination could just be in my judgement the LG Spectrum 4G Android Phone really is a solid piece of technology!

At first look this is a sturdy phone! I am a little paranoid but I always really protect my tech… except this time. It feels solid in my hand and is big enough that you don’t feel like you will drop it easily. The screen is Corning’s Gorilla Glass. So that is pretty hard to scratch! The glare is pretty minimal in the sunlight and the resolution is very crisp.¬†With a screen of 4.5 inches, the screen actually functional. I don’t want to have to squint or scroll a ton to see anything! It actually becomes more functional due to the size and readability alone.

Then there are the insides to take into consideration. This thing is fast and runs clean! It has an updated Gingerbread OS and has no problems keeping up with me at all! There isn’t a lot of memory built into the phone (4 gb) but it comes with a 16gb sd card! I have loaded it up with apps and music and there is still plenty of room.

Then there is one of my favorite things. The built in rear facing camera is 8 mega pixels! To compare, my Canon point and shoot only has 10. It also will take 1080p video too. It has a forward facing camera too but it isn’t quite as good.

I have become so much more productive since I have started using the Spectrum! I am able to write on it (I am writing this on it:), take pictures on it and even vlog from it. I am also traveling lighter. No longer do I have to carry a purse large enough to also hold of camera and a Flip camera.

My final analysis? A definite thumbs up! It gives me a solid performance. It is like carrying a little, but sturdy computer that fits in my girlie pockets.

(Disclosure: Verizon provided me with the phone but not the opinions. They are all mine!)



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