A Real Cabin in the Woods for Halloween

From Movies.com

From Movies.com

For anyone who hasn’t heard, I loved Cabin in the Woods. I am not a big horror movie person but I found Cabin in the Woods so much more. It followed in the fabulous Whedon tradition of witty writing and twisty plots. All that said it is still a horror movie;).

So for all of you who loved it for the horror movie aspect you might be excited to know that you can visit the Cabin in the Woods this Halloween at Universal in Orlando. It looks like the co-writer Drew Goddard is doing a maze and another story that runs along the original story (since we knew about various scenarios that were going at once).

You can even buy tickets now to make sure you get in! So what do you think about this? Are you going to check it out (or would you if it was closer to you)?

(HT: The Mary Sue)

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