About Me

I am just a nerdy mom who has many weird a diverse interests! I stay busy homeschooling my 4 kids and writing my 4 blogs! My life philosophy is that I feel that anyone can do anything they want to learn to do. I enjoy sharing my opinions and equipping other do things like save money, school their children and cook!

Geek for the Real Girl really boils down to the fact that I am a real girl who is really geeky. In vein there is really 3 focuses to this blog. The first of course geek! Be it tv, movies, comics, or all the fun things that come with the geek culture. The second is geeky fashion. It maybe wearable in the real world or something a bit more cosplay like! And if we are going to have geeky fashion we have to have my third focus… normal fashion and beauty! I can’t really separate my TARDIS screen printed scarf from my fabulous great pencil skirts. So I am going to cover it all!

I also blog at NerdFamily where I talk about homeschooling, technology, food, my random thoughts, and everything that makes my nerdy family go.