An Overview of the HTC Droid DNA


Recently I received the Droid DNA by HTC from Verizon to review it. I’ve been using a few weeks now and I’ve been pleased. I think overall I’m not impressed but nor have I been disappointed. For the most part is a standard Android operating system on a very nice high level phone design similar to the LG Spectrum I also have. But some of the extras beyond the OS have set it a little ahead.

I have been very please with both the camera on this phone along with the audio system return the camera have a lot of control with the rear and front facing cameras with great zoom capabilities. 1 of the things I like most about is you can take a string of very nice, rapid fire style pictures just like a DSLR. Just hold down the shoot button. It will also analyze which 1 was the best shot and get rid of the rest if you want.

The audio is done by Beats and is just great! There are speakers down both sides of the phone. Whether I am streaming music over wifi or listening to music downloaded to my phone, the sound is really good. It is not only louder but a lot fuller of a sound than I have ever heard on a cellphone.

Then comes the downside. The only real issues I have with the Droid DNA is the locked screen. Normally when a cell is on its locked screen you can’t do anything to it, right? You can’t change volume or anything when it is locked down. Not with the Droid DNA, you can still turn it up or down, you can look at the notifications off the top of the screen, and I find a really annoying because it when I stick it in my pocket so I can hit the rocker button and turn it completely off and not even really notice it. I also have security concerns with my kids because if they pick it up they have access.

Other than that it’s a great phone is have a lot of memory storage. It runs fast and it runs pretty clean. I haven’t had any crashing or any other issues with it so overall I give it a really high passing mark other than the lock screen issues (which I just really annoying and kind of sloppy design). I wonder if that will be fixed with a simple firmware update. If that isn’t an issue for you, I highly recommend the HTC Droid DNA.

(I am a Verizon Ambassador and received the phone to review. While Verizon may have picked the subject, the views and opinions are mine alone!)

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