And the Winner Is

Everyone loves blog giveaways but do you ever think about how much work it is to number the entries, then randomize them, and then if the person hasn’t really fulfilled the requirements then you have to do it all again? Ok, if you are reading this you probably do but it can be annoying! Darn it!

But there is a plugin for that! (An app isn’t always the answer people;)

For a while now I have been using “And the Winner Is” plugin for all my giveaways. It has saved me so much time! You just install it on the plugin page. When you have a giveaway post you check the giveaway box and choose how many winners there will be. Everything else is normal with the post.

When the giveaway is over you go “And the Winner Is”  on the left hand navigation bar on your WordPress dashboard. Choose to close comments. The have it select the winners. You hand confirm the winners after you contact them or choose new ones. That is it!

This is an awesome free plugin that is a big time saver! I highly recommend it!

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