Six Steam Sale Strategies

NerdDad here.  The Steam Summer Getaway Sale has begun.

Steam is to your computer what the app stores are for your tablets and phones. Twice a year they run deep discounts and current and classic PC games.

1. Look at the top sellers.  Lots of people are watching the sale and many are looking for the best deal.  The top sellers are what the crowd thinks are the best current deals.

2. Check the ratings. Click on an unfamiliar game and look at the Metascore, which gives you a combined score from critics an users. Or you can search and see all the low-priced highly-rated games.

3. Wait for it.  Most of the games you’re interested will probably hit 75% off during the sale, with the occasional 85% or 90% discount for a few titles.

4. Remember, they’re not the only game in town. Gog, Desura and even Amazon often run deals during the Steam Sales

5. Vote. They have a running community choice deal based on user votes for what they want to see on sale next.

6. Reddit