Doctor Who & Valentine’s February Planner

I have decided to add planner fun and design to Geek for the Real Girl! I have been doing planner things on my Facebook page for a while and have decided to bring it to the blog!

Here is my planner for the month of February (a little late but still)!!! I decided to mix Valentine’s Day with Doctor Who both because I love Doctor Who and because the red and blue go well together. Let me know if you like this kind of over view plan with me!! Here are the things that I mentioned in the video!!!

Doctor Who Stickers from Ginger Scraps
Duck Tape Heart Washi
Microscopes from Paper Loving Mommy
Blue Skinny Washi
Phone Stickers by Planner Stickies
Musical Note Stickers by The Paperly Bowtique
Quotes by Me & My Big Ideas
TARDIS stickers by The Press
Kawaii packages by The Press
Teeth Stickers by The Sassy Planner
Day Off Banner by Sunshine Planner (Wild Sunshine)
Youtube sticker by Sunshine Planner (Wild Sunshine)


Unboxing My December BirchBox


I finally got a Birchbox subscription!!! I unbox it with you to figure out if it was worth the wait!!! Check out what I got!!!

Sign up for your own Birchbox for only $5!!! Use my link to get $5 off!

A Geeky Fix to a Bad Monday!

I have been having a stressful and crazy Monday. So what can make a good geek laugh more than some Marvel Agents of SHIELD Bloopers. I hope it picks up you day too!!!!

OK, this Monday is rough enough that I need 2 sets of bloopers.

Lego Tesla or Beauty? You Decide!

TeeFury has 2 great shirts on sale for Monday(starting at midnight Eastern) only this week! I love them both!!!
Tale as Old as Time
The first one is this super cute Beauty and the Beast themed one called “Tale as old as time”.


Then they also have this cool Lego Nikola Tesla themed one called Exotic Magnetism.


Remember these are 1 day deals from TeeFury so don’t wait!!!

Not All Princesses Need to Be Saved

Not all princess need saving tee shirt!

Not all princesses need saving is the name of this awesome shirt over at TeeFury. I love the sentiment and love Wonder Woman. This shirt is a winner all the way around!

Sherlock is (closer to) coming back!

Yes, yes, we all know that Sherlock is coming back but it has been a mystery as to when. We have all been waiting a very long time. While there is still a wait, now we have a release date and a new trailer!!!


So what are you doing January 1, 2016? I personally think this will be a great way to kick off the year. But this is a date just for the free standing special. This is not the first episode of the new season. That we are still waiting on, both for a trailer and a release date.

What are your expectations for this Victorian Sherlock?

Used under CC, taken by Flickr User Fat Les

Used under CC, taken by Flickr User Fat Les

Unboxing! Funko Pop Television TARDIS

What Whovian doesn’t want a TARDIS? Check out my unboxing of my new Funko Pop Television TARDIS Figure that I got for my birthday! You can pick up your own over at Amazon!


The IT Crowd Shirt

IT Crowd Tee

I absolutely love this shirt from The IT Crowd over at TeeFury!!! Grab it while you can!!!

Our First Look at Supergirl

Melissa Benoist as "Supergirl." CBS/WARNER BROS. TV

Melissa Benoist as “Supergirl.” CBS/WARNER BROS. TV

I have to say, I was really happy with this 6 minute look at the new Supergirl series! She seem strong yet a little bumbling, as is the Super way;). It also seems as if it is going to be kid friendly so you can just imagine how happy that makes all the Nerdlings too!  The biggest surprise was Calista Flockhart being in the cast as her boss! I was also a little surprised to Jeremy Jordan too. I must have just missed that announcement.

What did you think of the first look? Do you think this will be a hit or miss?


The Hobbit Himself Joining Captain America: Civil War

Picture From Marvel News

Picture From Marvel News

It has been announced that Martin Freeman will be joining the cast of Captain America: Civil War!

We don’t know anything about who he will be playing but Kevin Feige said, “We couldn’t be more honored or excited to have such a talented actor join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.” I am hoping this means he will appear in more than just one movie;)!

Who do you hope he plays in Captain America:Civil War?