Avengers Geek Tee’s


This week is the theme of our geek t-shirt round up is the fabulous Avengers! First we had the awesome movie and now Agents of SHIELD have started so it seemed timely.

This first shirt is an homage to the Avengers comic books and is over at Amazon!


You know I was familiar with Loki well before the Avengers movie but I, like many fan girls, may have fallen for him in the movie;). So I love this Glorious Purpose shirt from Red Bubble! I mean don’t we all relate;)? It is offered in many types of styles and colors too!

Captain America Relaxed-Fit Ladies' Tee

You have to love this super comfy Captain America women’s tee!

Iron Man Equation

And to close out this round up here is a super geeky Iron Man formula tee! It is even on sale over at Think Geek right now!

There are a bazillion Avengers tees but there are just a few I love! Which one is your favorite?

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