Photo Editing App for Touch: Fhotoroom


Touch screens and tablets are all the rage right now but I admit, I am old school. I typically use a keyboard and mouse not only to blog but even to play games. But being a geek, I am always looking for some great touch apps that will let me be productive! So I was stoked when I finally found a great photo editing app that for the Windows 8 touch environment!

It is called Fhotoroom and there is a pro and free app. I have only tried their Live Tile Windows app and it has way more capabilities than I can use;). But what I have done in it has been super easy and the results have been great!

Just pull up a picture and go at it. I have used it primarily for cropping and some color saturating and I couldn’t have found it any easier to use! (I use PicMonkey for everything!) I just grabbed the element in the picture that I wanted to crop into, did a little pinch and zoom and done!

I know it sounds crazy simple but I love it!!! I am finally taking time to play with pictures I have had forever!!! Maybe I will scan in and edit my wedding pictures… They are all snapshots (I regret not hiring a photo;) but that is another story for another post.

(Disclosure: I am a Microsoft Windows Champion and did find out about the app from them but the words, opinions and experiences are mine. Like anyone could force me to say anything;)


PicMonkey for the Holidays

I love, love, love (did I mention love;) PicMonkey! I am not known for taking great pictures and I am really lazy so I am not spending a ton of time on photo editing them either! But when I went to TypeA this year I heard about PicMonkey.  I didn’t want to spend money on a fancy photo editor. Well, PicMonkey is free and super easy to use! I immediately came home and started playing with it!

My Facebook cover collage for NerdFamily Food that I made in a minute!!!

I have used it a ton to make graphics for posts, graphic labels, the like! But in addition to all the normal photo editor tools PicMonkey also has great holiday effects and filters. You can layer them onto each other and build something new or just edit an existing profile picture for holiday fun.

It is a super simple process.

Open the initial profile picture in PicMonkey

I clicked on the snowflake and picked the winter theme. Then added frost effect.

Then I picked the flakery overlay and placed 2 snowflakes.

Then I added a single snowman;). All done, that easy!!!

It is that easy!!! Now I have a jaunty holiday profile picture!!! PicMonkey really is that easy to use!!! And you don’t just have to use the effects on profile pictures. Many people have used the Winterland effects to make other fabulous projects (the ideas of which I may copy;) and they are over on Pinterest! Check them out too.

Have you tried it yet? Go give it a try and then share a link to your finished project so I can see!!!

(This post was financially motivated by PicMonkey but all the words and opinions are mine!)