Lego Tesla or Beauty? You Decide!

TeeFury has 2 great shirts on sale for Monday(starting at midnight Eastern) only this week! I love them both!!!
Tale as Old as Time
The first one is this super cute Beauty and the Beast themed one called “Tale as old as time”.


Then they also have this cool Lego Nikola Tesla themed one called Exotic Magnetism.


Remember these are 1 day deals from TeeFury so don’t wait!!!

Not All Princesses Need to Be Saved

Not all princess need saving tee shirt!

Not all princesses need saving is the name of this awesome shirt over at TeeFury. I love the sentiment and love Wonder Woman. This shirt is a winner all the way around!

The IT Crowd Shirt

IT Crowd Tee

I absolutely love this shirt from The IT Crowd over at TeeFury!!! Grab it while you can!!!

Great Doctor Who Shirts

TeeFury is doing it again! They have 2 fabulous great Doctor Who shirts!!! Which one do you like more?





Vincent Van Who?

Vincent Van Who?

Remember, these are usually just available for a little over 24 hours!

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Geek Cyber Monday Deals!

And the Cyber Monday sales have begun. And there are some great geek deals to be had out there! (And yes, this post contains affiliate links. Please shop through them to help support this site!)

think geek cyber Monday

ThinkGeek has a ton of items marked down for Cyber Monday but the really big deal is that it is free shipping all day. That is regardless of the size of your order! They do have a cool looking Minecraft torch on sale too…


TeeFury is doing 2 different grab bags. One is at $6 and one is at $10 (you can view the overall collections). We have done these grab bags before and gotten some fantastic shirts!

TeeFury Ugly Sweater

TeeFury also has an Ugly Sweater Collection for all of you who either have a party or just really love ugly Christmas sweaters. One even has Billy Murray’s face on it! Who wouldn’t love that?

Get independent art and quality shirts from Redbubble! Shop Now >

RedBubble is running 20% off all shirts for Cyber Monday. Just enter the code TEES20 to get the discount.

So those are some great geeky deals! I don’t know about you but I am going to be getting some shopping done!

Are you shopping for a geek and don’t know what to get them? Leave me a comment with their sex, age and geek interests and I will put together a gift list just for you!

A Fantastic Add to Marvel’s Agent Carter

Image from Marvel's site

Image from Marvel’s site

I am already anxiously awaiting the new Marvel tv series called Agent Carter. I mean why wouldn’t I love a series based on a bad ass, kick butt woman who also helped found SHIELD? I mean, what is not to love? Well, I can’t tell you what isn’t to love but I can say I love it even more;)!!

They have added Chad Michael Murray and Enver Gjokaj to the cast. Chad Michael Murray is fine. He is best known from One Tree Hill. I have seen him in a variety of things and he hasn’t sucked but that isn’t why I am excited. Enver Gjokaj!!! He is probably best know from DollHouse and that is where I discovered him too! In season 2 of Dollhouse Enver Gjokaj did a bit where he was playing Fan Kranz’s character that was phenomenal. I think he is one of the most under appreciated actors out there!

(I tried to find a clip of that fab performance but can’t find it anywhere! Go watch Dollhouse’s Left Hand episode from season 2)

agentcartershirtTo hold us over here are an Agent Carter shirt from RedBubble;).

Doctor Who Up & Paper Airplane Tees!!!

There are more great Karen Hallion Shirts on sale at TeeFury for just $11! I am in awe of her talent and love her designs.


Come along, Carl comes in Powder Blue, Turquoise, or Silver and of course you can order them for men, women, or children!


Paper Who comes in Cream, Silver and Powder Blue for men, women and adults too!

This is another 24 hour sale so don’t dilly dally! If they are offered later, they may be more! So which shirt do you like more? I find them both fabulous!

$6 TeeFury Grab Bag

Whovian Grab Bag

TeeFury is having a blowout grab bag sale!!! You have 2 choices: Whovian or Non-Whovian. I am personally ordering a few Whovian varieties for our house. You can see the more than 16 designs of each camp but not choose your shirt. I personally like all the Whovian choices so we will be happy with whatever we get. And did I mention they are only $6!!!

So go grab a few for you and all those you know! These would be great gifts, especially for only $6!!!! And remember, they have kid sizes too!!!

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Great T-Shirt Sale for #StarWarsDay

As you may know today is May the 4th and it is Star Wars Day (ok, not officially or anything;). So of course Tee Fury has some great Star Wars themed shirts in their Galactic Collection! These are shirts that are being offered for $15 each, in addition to their fabulous daily deal shirts for $11 (which today has 2 great Star Wars shirts battling). This collection is for a limited time so make sure to snap up all that you want! Here are a few of my favorites!

Doctor Who and Ewoks!!!

Doctor Who and Jawas!!!

Who wouldn't love Yoda the Grouch?

Who wouldn’t love Yoda the Grouch?

You are my only hope!

You are my only hope!

You have got to have a little light saber and Darth action!

You have got to have a little light saber and Darth action!

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2 Great Doctor T-Shirts!

Once again TeeFury has some fabulous Doctor Who tees!!!! Just $11 each so you can get both.

Doctor Selfie

Doctor Selfie

First up in this battle is NerdDad’s choice, Doctor Selfie.
Let's Play Doctor

Let’s Play Doctor

That is up against the super cute Let’s Play Doctor. So which one is your favorite? At $11, I am not sure you have to choose;).

And for all you Karen Hallion fans, they are featuring her work in the gallery! You can get a bunch of her shirts at $18.