Changing Colors: 5 Tips to Affordable Hair Color

Hot, right;)? Me, getting my hair colored.

In all the preparation for BlogHer I recently went in to get my hair dyed a strong red that I may be known for:). I thought it would be great to share a few tips to get a great hair color affordably and with low maintenance!

1)Check out a beauty school! I only have my hair cut by the awesome Alicia but for color it can be a little (ok, and a lot), steep. So she suggested I hit the local Paul Mitchell school. The price starts at $25 and it is an all over color that can’t really get messed up. At that price it is cheaper than buying the color from Walgreens(not on sale and the 2 boxes I need 🙂 and I don’t stain any of my towels.
2) Don’t wash your hair the day of coloring it! The oils in you hair will protect it.

3) Pick a color in you base value so you don’t have to color or cover roots as often. Red doesn’t just grow out but it also fades. So I can’t just color my roots because the whole color has changed by then. I am also cheap and busy so I don’t want to have to go in every 6 weeks. This way I will seriously go months between coloring.

4) Color shots are you friend! You can go with a color value the same as your base color and yet still go more vibrant! They simply add a straight pigment into you color mix and you can get a great, strong color. Mine has a ratio of 3 shots of red in each pot.

5) Use a color shielding shampoo! I also use a color shielding conditioner but that isn’t quite as imperative. You can find those at any price point and just about any brand. I get the Garnier Fructis or Herbal Essence color shield shampoo and conditioner  before I get it colored so I am ready to go. This helps prevent the shampoo from actually stripping the color from your hair. It is a little investment to save you some money.

Fab color, easy peasy and super affordable!!!