Choosing a Cocktail Dress

Tomorrow I am heading off for the Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference in LA. The conference is kicking off with a cocktail party. And that means cocktail dresses.

I, like many women, don’t feel super confident in cocktails but I have a couple of great choices from Kiyonna! But I can’t make a decision. So that is where I turn to you all for some help!

Which dress should I wear?

red cocktai

This red fitted, lace covered dress from Kiyonna can’t be ignored. It is kind of tight and that color is to die for. The tightness can make me feel a touch self conscious but is definitely shows off some assets.

WP black cocktail dress
This black cocktail dress (also from Kiyonna) is a classic. It is black and gathers to one side. It is very flattering but it is another black dress. (Full disclosure: I am not wearing any make up in this picture and I hadn’t even brushed my hair after my shower;)

Show which dress should I wear? This is the first time I am meeting many of these people so I want to make a nice impression.

Kiyonna and $40 Dresses!

Black Friday Dress Sale

Yes! Kiyonna has $40 dresses for Black Friday. Need I really say more? Go, shop, get great dresses!

ModCloth’s Mystery Deal of the Day is back!!!

ModCloth Dress


The ModCloth mystery offer of the day is back! Every day they run a different deal and today it is 20% off all dresses. Last year I got some absolute great deals so I have been waiting for these sales!

Today’s deal is 20% off all dresses. These are some of the ones I am looking at! Remember, this discount is on top of the dresses that are already on sale! The Artisan Iced Tea Dress in Lavender is only $14.99 before the 20% discount!

Any deals you are looking to pick up at ModCloth?

**Update 11/17 The Deal of the Day os over for now but they are going to a 25% off select styles from now (10am pst 11/17) until Friday (11/21 10am pst).

Sliding into Fall & A ModCloth Sale!

All of these items are from the fabulous Modcloth! And yes, there are affiliate links (it helps support the site but doesn’t change what you pay!). Right now ModCloth is running their Fall Grab Bag event, in which you can get a cute tote filled with $50 worth of goodies when you spend $150 or more!

Sliding into Fall


Fall is finally coming! And this is my first Polyvore! Check out all these fab things from Modcloth!
Grazioso Long, Farewell Dress
Honeycomb, I’m Home Sweater in Wine
Twist of Licorice Bag
Dynamic Debut Heel in Burgundy
A Glam Entrance Earrings

5 for 50% Off at ModCloth!


For 2 more days ModCloth has a phenomenal sale going! Each day (well, today and tomorrow) they will have 5 New Styles 50% off. This gorgeous Winery Wedding Dress is what I am buying today for only $26.99. They have it in sizes small all the way up to 4X! There are also shoes, shirts and even an iPad cover today. And who knows what they will have tomorrow?

Great Summer Clearance That isn’t Just Summer Fashion!

2013-10-18 10.56.19

Ok, we are in some serious end of summer clearance sales! But you need to look as these clothes as more than just summer styles! How can you bring them into fall?

It helps to think of them as merely components! This dress is a sleeveless maxi (That I picked up for about $8.50 at Macy’s Woman) and paired with a jacket I wore it to the park with the kids. Add boots and I can wear it for most of the fall and winter here in Fresno.

$25 Jessica Simpson Dress from Macy's

$25 Jessica Simpson Dress from Macy’s

Tank tops and short sleeve tops can always be paired with a great jacket or sweater. And tank tops can go under those winter tops that are just a little too low cut;).

Sleeveless dress often look adorable when paired with a thin long sleeve shirt under them or great jacket over the top! The Teal Jessica Simpson dress can also be pair with black tights and boots too!

If you live in a fairly moderate climate area (like here in Fresno) remember somethings are fairly seasonless. Crops and flood pants can be worn any time but stores tend to clearance them out at the end of summer. So pick pair of skinny capris that will be to die gorgeous with a pair of heels and long holiday sweater.

$7 clearance at Torrid

$7 clearance at Torrid

Some of the summer clearance isn’t even really summer clothes! This dress I got a Torrid was a 3/4 sleeve! But it was last season’s dress so they were clearancing it out. I even got a matching on in a wide black and silver strip for under $5! At JC Penneys I found a pair of skinny jeans that were $4.94!!

Don’t skip the summer clearance just because you don’t need shorts to store all year! See what they have and if you can use it through out more of the year!!!

(FYI, the first 2 pictures were taken by my 12 year old son;)



Think Geek’s Bargain Geek T Shirt Deal

One Random Shirt of Surprising Awesomeness

Every once in a while Think Geek likes to clean out their t shirt closet. And when they do, they sell the shirts are bargain prices and at random.  And while the graphic says they start at $8.99, they are all that price now regardless of size.  But what is the deal? According to Think Geek themselves these shirts:

  • Designs that were discontinued, but we had a few left over.
  • Shirts that were printed correctly but on the wrong color shirt.
  • Designs that needed to be retired for one reason or another.
  • Retired designs that reappeared after cleaning out the warehouse.

While you may not know what kind you are going to get there is a very cool chance it is awesome! One of the issues with this deal is that they only have a size until they run off so waiting may mean you miss out!

I am off to get some for myself and NerdDad. I love pairing geek t shirts with a jacket, boyfriend jeans and a great pair of flats!

Go shop while they still have all the sizes!


Dolman Sleeve Dress

It is time for another round of Hot or Not here at Geek for the Real Girl. I got this dolman sleeved cowl dress for a song from The Avenue for a song. But I am just not sure about it.


It has big sleeves with the cold shoulder cut out on them. When I put it on the husband made a face;). He likes the dress other than the sleeves;). I think it is really cute but the sleeves are rather large. But I can’t figure out if that is a deal killer. If I keep it I would wear it on my tv spots and maybe with some leggings to church.

So readers, I am once again asking your opinion! Is this a hit or miss? I need to figure out if I should return it so chime in!

Fabulous Conference Clothes

I love being a blogger for so many intellectual reasons. It can feed my soul but sometimes it feeds my wardrobe too!!! As I was gearing up for the BlogHer and Savvyblogging conferences I was given some great clothes by Kiyonna to wear.

I got the fabulous Retro Glam Lace dress that I wore to the Microsoft cocktail party along with Social Soiree and a delightful dinner with some friends. And yes, that is the fabulous Jennie Mai!!! She was at the Microsoft cocktail party (and did makeovers the next day at the conference). She loved my dress! She also gave me the style tip that the belt should be tied in the back because there was so much fabulous going on already!

I also had the fabulous Harlow Faux Wrap Dress. I was able to wear it during the day for the convention floor and events like the Scholastic brunch and the Getting gorgeous event.  It also transitioned nicely to evening events like the Dessert After Dark party! I am a huge fan of a faux wrap dress because it gives me the slimming but at the same time I don’t risk exposure;).  It was super easy to wear and so comfy!!!!

But I must say, my favorite piece was the Melrose Mesh top! It is so easy to wear and dresses up and down so well! I wore it on the floor of the Expo and to the Verizon lunch. Then I wore it with a fabulous pencil skirt to a Broadway show and dinner. There will be more written about this in the near future! (I have to do another piece because of all the fabulous pictures;)

I want to thank Kiyonna for making one of the best dressed bloggers at BlogHer 2012 and the red carpet night at the Savvy Blogging Summit 2012. I love the clothes and look forward to wearing some more of their great pieces!!!



Hot or Not

Do you like the disinterested model look;)?

Ok, I am a little slow but… I finally got a maxi dress. But my problem is I think I love it but I am not very confident about it. I am flying to a conference tomorrow night and then meeting a cousin & aunt for the first time. This is super comfy and I am thinking about wearing it but I am just not sure. What do you all think about it? Is it hot or not?

And just for added frustration, NerdFamily Dad is not sure about at all. He says it looks very 70’s. When I ask if it is 70’s good or bad I just get a shrug.

Let me know what you think. If it is a winner I will be wearing it to Savvy Blogging!