Doctor Who Up & Paper Airplane Tees!!!

There are more great Karen Hallion Shirts on sale at TeeFury for just $11! I am in awe of her talent and love her designs.


Come along, Carl comes in Powder Blue, Turquoise, or Silver and of course you can order them for men, women, or children!


Paper Who comes in Cream, Silver and Powder Blue for men, women and adults too!

This is another 24 hour sale so don’t dilly dally! If they are offered later, they may be more! So which shirt do you like more? I find them both fabulous!

$6 TeeFury Grab Bag

Whovian Grab Bag

TeeFury is having a blowout grab bag sale!!! You have 2 choices: Whovian or Non-Whovian. I am personally ordering a few Whovian varieties for our house. You can see the more than 16 designs of each camp but not choose your shirt. I personally like all the Whovian choices so we will be happy with whatever we get. And did I mention they are only $6!!!

So go grab a few for you and all those you know! These would be great gifts, especially for only $6!!!! And remember, they have kid sizes too!!!

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Great T-Shirt Sale for #StarWarsDay

As you may know today is May the 4th and it is Star Wars Day (ok, not officially or anything;). So of course Tee Fury has some great Star Wars themed shirts in their Galactic Collection! These are shirts that are being offered for $15 each, in addition to their fabulous daily deal shirts for $11 (which today has 2 great Star Wars shirts battling). This collection is for a limited time so make sure to snap up all that you want! Here are a few of my favorites!

Doctor Who and Ewoks!!!

Doctor Who and Jawas!!!

Who wouldn't love Yoda the Grouch?

Who wouldn’t love Yoda the Grouch?

You are my only hope!

You are my only hope!

You have got to have a little light saber and Darth action!

You have got to have a little light saber and Darth action!

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Win a $50 Gift Certificate from ModCloth!

modclothgreenFTC Disclosure Statement: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

With the weather changing and spring/summer events ramping up, I am looking to freshen up my wardrobe! And ModCloth understands that!  They are giving away a $50 gift certificate just for sharing your spring clothes.

Share your spring style with ModCloth’s ‘Spring-Time to Shine’ Contest, and you could win a $50 gift cerfiticate! Entering is simple — just snap a photo of yourself in your freshest spring ensemble and upload to the Style Gallery. Outfits do not need to feature ModCloth (although it is encouraged!), and users can submit as many entries as their hearts desire. Two winners will be chosen and featured by ModCloth. This contest is open to both domestic and international applications through 1 p.m. PT on 4/28. Please see their blog for more details. Good luck!

2 Great Doctor T-Shirts!

Once again TeeFury has some fabulous Doctor Who tees!!!! Just $11 each so you can get both.

Doctor Selfie

Doctor Selfie

First up in this battle is NerdDad’s choice, Doctor Selfie.
Let's Play Doctor

Let’s Play Doctor

That is up against the super cute Let’s Play Doctor. So which one is your favorite? At $11, I am not sure you have to choose;).

And for all you Karen Hallion fans, they are featuring her work in the gallery! You can get a bunch of her shirts at $18.

Frozen Doctor Who Tee Shirts

All of you know that I am a big Doctor Who fan and I love a geeky tee shirt! A while ago my friend Crystal introduced me to the designs of Karen Hallion. You may be familiar with her work on the shirts with Belle and Ariel going into the Tardis. Well, Wednesday 2 of her brand new shirts are on sale at TeeFury! These are both Frozen/Doctor Who mash ups with the 2 sisters. I don’t think these have been sold any where else yet! I don’t know if they will have them on sale at all past the 24 hour special so run and get them!!!

Come Out and Play

Come Out and Play


Frozen in Time and Space

Frozen in Time and Space

So which one will you choose?

(And yes, I have “Do you want to build a Snowman” going through my head. Also there are affiliate links in this post.)

5 for 50% Off at ModCloth!


For 2 more days ModCloth has a phenomenal sale going! Each day (well, today and tomorrow) they will have 5 New Styles 50% off. This gorgeous Winery Wedding Dress is what I am buying today for only $26.99. They have it in sizes small all the way up to 4X! There are also shoes, shirts and even an iPad cover today. And who knows what they will have tomorrow?

Great Summer Clearance That isn’t Just Summer Fashion!

2013-10-18 10.56.19

Ok, we are in some serious end of summer clearance sales! But you need to look as these clothes as more than just summer styles! How can you bring them into fall?

It helps to think of them as merely components! This dress is a sleeveless maxi (That I picked up for about $8.50 at Macy’s Woman) and paired with a jacket I wore it to the park with the kids. Add boots and I can wear it for most of the fall and winter here in Fresno.

$25 Jessica Simpson Dress from Macy's

$25 Jessica Simpson Dress from Macy’s

Tank tops and short sleeve tops can always be paired with a great jacket or sweater. And tank tops can go under those winter tops that are just a little too low cut;).

Sleeveless dress often look adorable when paired with a thin long sleeve shirt under them or great jacket over the top! The Teal Jessica Simpson dress can also be pair with black tights and boots too!

If you live in a fairly moderate climate area (like here in Fresno) remember somethings are fairly seasonless. Crops and flood pants can be worn any time but stores tend to clearance them out at the end of summer. So pick pair of skinny capris that will be to die gorgeous with a pair of heels and long holiday sweater.

$7 clearance at Torrid

$7 clearance at Torrid

Some of the summer clearance isn’t even really summer clothes! This dress I got a Torrid was a 3/4 sleeve! But it was last season’s dress so they were clearancing it out. I even got a matching on in a wide black and silver strip for under $5! At JC Penneys I found a pair of skinny jeans that were $4.94!!

Don’t skip the summer clearance just because you don’t need shorts to store all year! See what they have and if you can use it through out more of the year!!!

(FYI, the first 2 pictures were taken by my 12 year old son;)



ThinkGeek Apparel Coupon


You all know how I love geeky clothes!! I mean, I have a geek t-shirt feature for a reason;). So I was stoked to see the ThinkGeek has 30% off apparel coupon right now. It is only good until 10/12 so you have to get in and use it quick. Use the code FALLREFRESH to receive the 30% off apparel discount.

With Halloween coming you could use it on a Costume t-shirt or on a variety of other great geeky clothes!

Avengers Geek Tee’s


This week is the theme of our geek t-shirt round up is the fabulous Avengers! First we had the awesome movie and now Agents of SHIELD have started so it seemed timely.

This first shirt is an homage to the Avengers comic books and is over at Amazon!


You know I was familiar with Loki well before the Avengers movie but I, like many fan girls, may have fallen for him in the movie;). So I love this Glorious Purpose shirt from Red Bubble! I mean don’t we all relate;)? It is offered in many types of styles and colors too!

Captain America Relaxed-Fit Ladies' Tee

You have to love this super comfy Captain America women’s tee!

Iron Man Equation

And to close out this round up here is a super geeky Iron Man formula tee! It is even on sale over at Think Geek right now!

There are a bazillion Avengers tees but there are just a few I love! Which one is your favorite?