Dream and Shout

For those who don’t realize it, I geek about literature too;). So when I saw this parody of Scream and Shout I just had to share it!

This is done by Teddie Films that also did the Goyte parody, Star Wars We Used to Know, that I have posted before.

I am so impressed with just how well they did with this parody! The characters have the film voices dead on! Enjoy!

Much Ado is Coming!!!

We all heard the talk last summer that Joss Whedon had filmed a new version of Much Ado About Nothing while also filming The Avengers. But Whedon then went to shop it around studios and while Lionsgate had agreed to distribute, we hadn’t heard much. Well, here is a trailer and it looks phenomenal! Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions are going to jointly release it on June 7, 2013!!!

There is also a bus on its way to SXSW….