2 Non-SciFi Show for Whovians


Trailers for next fall tv shows are every where right now. There are 2 shows coming up that are must sees for myself and all Whovians.

The first one is Selfie. This is a modern retelling of My Fair Lady but instead of being poor, Karen Gillan’s character is vapid and social media obsessed. John Cho looks like he is going to be a fabulous Henry Higgins. I have seen some videos of Gillian doing comedy pre-Who and I think this could be really good. While Gillan may be what gets many of us to tune in, I think the show could be funny or really dumb. But I am hoping for funny;).

The second show is Gracepoint. This is basically an American version of Broadchurch, which also stars David Tennant. Supposedly it is a little different so if you saw the British version this version isn’t pre-ruined. I have only seen 1 episode of Broadchurch but this looks almost the exact same. But I will probably watch it anyway;).

Come on fall tv! Hurry up and get here!!!

Sherlock and Music Anyone?

I don’t know when I am not in a Sherlock or music mood but… today I was wanting both. And thought I should share;).

Sherlock Series 4 Promo

Or is it;)?

Ok, this may not be real but this is amazing! There are so many clips from so many different things. And I amazed at the sync on all of them along with the music….

So what did you think? Do you like these fan videos or does it just make you realize how much we aren’t getting from Moffat and Gatiss?

Doctor Who Extended Christmas Special Trailer

So who will be tuning in on Christmas Day for Doctor Who? I am still behind so I think we will be missing it but I can’t wait. We are finally at the end of Matt Smiths’s run as the Doctor. While he has grown on me, I am quite excited about the Capaldi era and what it will bring! How about you?


Marvel, Netflix and Star Wars News!!!

There is great geek entertainment news out today!

First off, we have a release date for Star Wars Episode VII! It will be released December 18, 2015. Everything else in the press release, while fabulous, was pretty much known information. John Williams will be doing the music. J.J. Abrams will be directing and there is an over all slate of people with great geek cred behind the movie.

Then came what I consider the really big news of the day! The Marvel and Netflix deal!!!!! Marvel TV is going to do 4 live action series exclusively for Netflix and they are going to lead to a miniseries that brings all 4 together in the miniseries called The Defender! They are going to have a series for Daredevil first and then Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist keeping everything very Hell’s Kitchen focused.

There is talk of multiple years of programming but the initial commitment is fabulous on its own. Netflix has committed to carrying 13 episodes of all 4 series and then The Defender mini series.

This is so very fabulous!!!

Surprising Fall TV Hits? Brooklyn 99 & Sleepy Hollow

Fall TV Season has hit! Ever year brings us batches of new tv who’s quality it yet to be discovered. There are always a few shows that seem interesting in the preview commercials but disappoint. So many so that I usually watch those commercials with the attitude of  “seems interesting but will probably suck”.

I was afraid that Brooklyn 99 and Sleepy Hollow were two shows deemed with such an analysis. But I was so wrong! I love both shows! And in my Vlog I talk about why!!!


(It is also part of a #VlogMom round up reviewing a variety of things so check those out too!!!)


Linky script:

Buble, Spiderman, Lindy Hop

This is a Lindy Hop competition where Spiderman is dancing to Michael Buble’s version of the Spiderman theme. There was just to much awesome there not to share!

Tommy Merlin Sings?

Ok, so maybe it isn’t exactly Tommy Merlin singing but the actor that portrays him, Colin Donnell. I have watched numerous Sutton Foster Youtube videos from Anything Goes and one day it hit me that one of the male leads was Tommy Merlin from Arrow! He is quite the Broadway star with a fabulous voice. So we know that Barrowman and now Donnell have great singing careers, who else on Arrow;)?

So as I heard Colin Donnell sing “Someone to Watch Over Me” I swear I heard women all over the country volunteer;). Were you one of them?

Star Wars and the IT Crowd Together

Ok geeks, what can really be better than Ewan McGregor (Obi Wan) and Chris O’Dowd (Roy) together on Graham Norton? Them having a little light saber fight! I can’t help it. It made my heart happy and made me chuckle;).

New Fresh Prince Performance! A Little Throw Back

I love Graham Norton and his show. And of course, I grew up loving Will Smith!!! So I loved this whole piece!!!

And I still find it hilarious that Alfonso Ribeiro has gotten stuck as the Carlton dancer when we all know he is better than Will Smith (but not as cool;).