Unboxing! Funko Pop Television TARDIS

What Whovian doesn’t want a TARDIS? Check out my unboxing of my new Funko Pop Television TARDIS Figure that I got for my birthday! You can pick up your own over at Amazon!


Sontaran Christmas Carols

That Sontarans want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Sort of. In their way;).

It is really Christmas season! And what is better than Christmas carols at Christmas. Of course with a geeky twist;).

Doctor Who Up & Paper Airplane Tees!!!

There are more great Karen Hallion Shirts on sale at TeeFury for just $11! I am in awe of her talent and love her designs.


Come along, Carl comes in Powder Blue, Turquoise, or Silver and of course you can order them for men, women, or children!


Paper Who comes in Cream, Silver and Powder Blue for men, women and adults too!

This is another 24 hour sale so don’t dilly dally! If they are offered later, they may be more! So which shirt do you like more? I find them both fabulous!

Will 12 Be a Darker Doctor?

I saw this over on Nerdist and they say it shows a very dark doctor… I think I disagree but I am not sure yet.

We have to keep in mind that every Doctor has to get his proverbial legs after regeneration so I don’t know that we can really judge who Capaldi’s Doctor can be with clips from the first couple of episodes. But I don’t really think he is going to go dark.

Now he has hope but he also feels his age. I think that we are going to see some wackiness but he also now has a mission. I really think the reason Matt Smith was so young was to distract from the very dark doctor he was. Matt Smith was angry and deceptive. So I think Capaldi will be coming out of that and into something more hopeful. Maybe not perky but not super dark.

Also something is made of the fact that Clara is called his carer. Like she will be the one who cares and is his morality. I think that is over looking his age and the creep factor. This 20 something traveling with this old man. She may be described as literally a caretaker…

But none of us have seen enough to really know. What do you think we will see in Capaldi’s Doctor? Dark? Anger? Goofy? Let me know in the comments!!!

A Real, Honest to Goodness Doctor Who Trailer

It appears that the BBC wants to celebrate my 18th anniversary! And they have released a real trailer for the new season 8!

I am already coming up with some hypotheses on what kind of doctor Capaldi is going to be. Right now I am leaning towards a goofy with a back bone of being a serious, old dear who wants the best but can be quite stern if the occasion arises. I am hoping to see less of is anger and brooding. I also have a feeling there might be a tinge of steampunk through it all.

So what are your theories for the new season? Are you excited or have nervous trepidation?

Fabulous Doctor Who Time Warp

This is one of the best videos I have seen in a long time! Hillywood has done some other videos that I have liked before but this takes the cake. And the guy who does the David Tennant voice is phenomenal!!!

And just for you entertainment, know that my kids have been doing this piece in the back yard every day;).

2 Non-SciFi Show for Whovians


Trailers for next fall tv shows are every where right now. There are 2 shows coming up that are must sees for myself and all Whovians.

The first one is Selfie. This is a modern retelling of My Fair Lady but instead of being poor, Karen Gillan’s character is vapid and social media obsessed. John Cho looks like he is going to be a fabulous Henry Higgins. I have seen some videos of Gillian doing comedy pre-Who and I think this could be really good. While Gillan may be what gets many of us to tune in, I think the show could be funny or really dumb. But I am hoping for funny;).

The second show is Gracepoint. This is basically an American version of Broadchurch, which also stars David Tennant. Supposedly it is a little different so if you saw the British version this version isn’t pre-ruined. I have only seen 1 episode of Broadchurch but this looks almost the exact same. But I will probably watch it anyway;).

Come on fall tv! Hurry up and get here!!!

Doctor Who Extended Christmas Special Trailer

So who will be tuning in on Christmas Day for Doctor Who? I am still behind so I think we will be missing it but I can’t wait. We are finally at the end of Matt Smiths’s run as the Doctor. While he has grown on me, I am quite excited about the Capaldi era and what it will bring! How about you?


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Ah, a little David Tennant to get the week started off right!!! I believe this is from Blackpool and I find it hilarious!!!

Fabulous Doctor Who Sale


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