CSI: Gallifrey, Anyone?

I spent way to much time watching both CSI: Miami and Doctor Who. Who knew could have just watched CSI: Gallifrey;)? Hilarious and well done intro!!!

Doctor Who Musically Boiled Down

You all know that I am a huge Doctor Who nerd but Craig Ferguson may indeed be a bigger one;). He boils down Doctor Who for us all;).

Doctor Who and Sherlock: Broadway Style

I saw this on Pinterest and it is fabulous! It pairs Anything You Can Do with the fabulous 11th Doctor Who and the sparkling Sherlock Holmes. Liisakee over on Youtube did a fabulous job on this video!

Love it?

More Doctor Who Music

This week my Music Monday is once again from the Doctor Who group! This time it is an original piece that was put together for the end of the Russell T. Davies era. It is hilarious!

500 Miles in Doctor Who Style

I recently found this great video done for the end of the David Tennant era of Doctor Who! How big of a geek does it make me that I already knew that David Tennant is mad about The Proclaimers;)? I particular love the Vfx guys!!!

Of course the discussion here with the NerdDad is how long they were working on this but I think they revisited the wedding near the end. Here is what I didn’t expect. We recently got the kids into The Sarah Jane Adventures (Doctor Who spin off) and they squealed with delight. And kept yelling out every alien they recognized! So funny!!!

Nothing like starting off your week with a geeky dance break!!!

A Little Doctor Who Humor

Ok, it is time for a little Friday Fun! For those of you who don’t know, former Doctor Who companion Catherine Tate is quite the comedian. She does a lot of sketch comedy also and here is a funny one with David Tennant.

The Weakest Link: Doctor Who Edition

I really loved it when they used to show The Weakest Link over here. And I mean the original, not the American host;). And we all know that I love Doctor Who! So what could be more relaxing than watching The Weakest Link that is done some of the Doctor Who cast back a few years ago? Well?

Exactly;). So watch and have some Friday Fun!

Torchwood Extra: Anything Goes

Ok, I needed a song to give me a mid week bump! I love John Barrowman and I love this song;). It is an extra on a Torchwood dvd.

Super Cute and Super Easy Dalek Dress

I realize this was done for Comic Con but there are other times to dress up too, right? I am going to be hunting for a cheap gold dress out there because this is so cute. I am also really impressed how easy it is! I don’t do a lot of sewing or crafting and I think I could totally make this. Now I just have to find the base dress. And watch more Bubble Punch and Suicide Girls vlogs;).