Western Digital Hardware Giveaway

Ok, you all know that I love tech. I love hardware and I love living in a well connected house. I make high demands on my internet, storage and watch just about all my tv on the internet(no cable here people;).

In the last couple of years the demand on my router has grown by leaps and bounds with tablets, NetFlix and Amazon on Demand. And at this point let me just say that there is nothing more annoying than snuggling in with your husband, 2 laptops and watching tv on my media computer then the streaming show goes into a holding pattern. Blurg!

So when I got my hands on the My Net N900 Router I was stoked. Why? Because it is made for the modern home! Not only is it fast it is also prioritizing. So my streaming show won’t be the thing that is slowed down when the 3rd person decides to load a web page!! Also there are dual channels, tons of ports and so much goodness!!! Pair that with the My Book Live 1 TB Personal Cloud Storage Drive for storage and access and you are unstoppable! You can even access it remotely!
And then there is the streaming! I mean I gotta watch or listen to something, right? The WD TV Live Streaming Media Player is a great option! If you have any paid media strategies then it is probably available! You can also access Facebook and YouTube.

Who needs cable when you have streaming? I mean, new media is the now and the future;).

Needless to say, Western Digital has you covered!

So how would you like to win a bundle of all 3 of these fabulous pieces?

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(Disclosure: I received a bundle to use and as compensation for the giveaway!)