Buble, Spiderman, Lindy Hop

This is a Lindy Hop competition where Spiderman is dancing to Michael Buble’s version of the Spiderman theme. There was just to much awesome there not to share!

Tommy Merlin Sings?

Ok, so maybe it isn’t exactly Tommy Merlin singing but the actor that portrays him, Colin Donnell. I have watched numerous Sutton Foster Youtube videos from Anything Goes and one day it hit me that one of the male leads was Tommy Merlin from Arrow! He is quite the Broadway star with a fabulous voice. So we know that Barrowman and now Donnell have great singing careers, who else on Arrow;)?

So as I heard Colin Donnell sing “Someone to Watch Over Me” I swear I heard women all over the country volunteer;). Were you one of them?

1 More Gangnam Style Parody

I just saw this Johnson Space Center parody video and I thought it is super cute! So cute it was worth posting 1 more Gangnam Style parody;).

New Fresh Prince Performance! A Little Throw Back

I love Graham Norton and his show. And of course, I grew up loving Will Smith!!! So I loved this whole piece!!!

And I still find it hilarious that Alfonso Ribeiro has gotten stuck as the Carlton dancer when we all know he is better than Will Smith (but not as cool;).


Lip Sync Off

I don’t know if you have seen this floating around out in the internet but it is hilarious! Jimmy Fallon and John Krasinski have a lip sync off. Apparently Krasinski invented it and I can’t help but wonder if it was designed to make fun of Michael Buble. Buble was Emily Blunt’s (John Krasinski’s wife) former fiance.

David Tennant Singing and Dancing

I have to see Blackpool because I love these clips. From everything I have seen it hits me as a quirky little show and I have to check it out! But until then, how about watching Tennant do a little singing and a little dancing?

Do You Want To Date My Avatar

Here is a perky and fun Music Monday brought to us by The Guild!

Dancing Harry Potter

For those of you who don’t know, I love So You Can Think You Can Dance. So when I saw this Harry Potter spoof of the famous Alex and Twitch duet I had to post it!!!

While the video is very well done, the credits ran long. But will have to try some of the other Hillywood videos!

Write Like the Wind

In honor of the new season of Game of Thrones I thought I would share this hilarious song that Geek and Sundry did a while ago about Martin and his writing speed;).

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Ah, a little David Tennant to get the week started off right!!! I believe this is from Blackpool and I find it hilarious!!!