Dream and Shout

For those who don’t realize it, I geek about literature too;). So when I saw this parody of Scream and Shout I just had to share it!

This is done by Teddie Films that also did the Goyte parody, Star Wars We Used to Know, that I have posted before.

I am so impressed with just how well they did with this parody! The characters have the film voices dead on! Enjoy!

Sherlock and Music Anyone?

I don’t know when I am not in a Sherlock or music mood but… today I was wanting both. And thought I should share;).

1 More Gangnam Style Parody

I just saw this Johnson Space Center parody video and I thought it is super cute! So cute it was worth posting 1 more Gangnam Style parody;).

Dancing Harry Potter

For those of you who don’t know, I love So You Can Think You Can Dance. So when I saw this Harry Potter spoof of the famous Alex and Twitch duet I had to post it!!!

While the video is very well done, the credits ran long. But will have to try some of the other Hillywood videos!

Happy Passover, Music Monday Style!

Happy Pesach all!!! I always look to Six13 (and the Maccabeats) for great holiday parody. Occasionally they go dorky but this time they didn’t fail. When I heard NerdDad laughing out loud at the goat I knew this one was a winner;).

Enjoy and have a great Passover week!!!

Tribbles, Tribbles, Tribbles

While we all are familiar with the Taylor Swift/goat video this was new to me. I (and my whole family) thought it was hilarious and pretty well done. All I have to say… I knew you were tribbles when you walked in;).

Oscar Themed Music with a Twist

My friend Hal works for Swagbucks (he is the guy in the Hugh Jackman role;) and they put this together for the Oscars. I thought it was so hilarious and well done so I had to share!

What is Swagbucks? It is an easy way to earn points that you can turn into prizes and gift cards (I personally always go for the Amazon gift cards;). You can set Swagbucks as your search engine and you randomly get awarded Swagbucks just for looking for things on the Internet! Can it get easier;)?

You also can earn Swagbucks by completing polls and doing various things like watching videos! Go, join, now!!


Gates VS Jobs

I love these Epic Rap Battles of History even though they are a little corny. This one of Bill Gates versus Steve Jobs made me chuckle! Be warned, there is a little language.

Gotta love starting off your week with a little music no matter how corny;). Good Monday!!!

Star Wars Goyte Parody

It is time for a little Music Monday and I love this parody! NerdDad found it a while ago and we chuckled all the way through it! Teddie Films has some other great parodies too but this one is my favorite!!!

Gangnam Ghostbusters

I saw this and loved it! It is like Ghostbusters and Gangnam Style were written for each other!!! Happy Music Monday!!!