A Little Stewart – Spiner Action

Lately everyone is all chattering about the friendship between Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart. Sure, they are cute and funny together but I find the Patrick Stewart/Brent Spiner relationship hilarious!

I offer these videos as proof;).


And turn about is fair play;):

Tribbles, Tribbles, Tribbles

While we all are familiar with the Taylor Swift/goat video this was new to me. I (and my whole family) thought it was hilarious and pretty well done. All I have to say… I knew you were tribbles when you walked in;).

New Star Trek Trailer!!!

There is a new Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer!!!
My complaint: Not enough Benedict Cumberbatch or his voice.
NerdDad’s complaint: It looks like we aren’t leaving orbit or not leaving orbit enough!

More thoughts later but I am off to the kids’ play rehearsal right now;).

Into Darkness Trailer!!!

What kind of geek would I be to not post the new Star Trek trailer;)? I am stoked about this new installment of Star Trek coming this summer. I am shocked that they haven’t confirmed that Bendict Cumberbatch is playing Khan! If he isn’t Khan it is going to send everyone reeling;).

I think it looks gorgeous. There are lots of hints to story line but nothing is really told so I am very intrigued.

What did you think of the trailer? Meet your expectations? Exceeded them?

Possibly the Geekiest Gangnam Yet!

Yes, it really is Klingon Style;). Apparently the Klingon is real too but I don’t know about that. Speaking Klingon is even beyond my geek level;).