Great T-Shirt Sale for #StarWarsDay

As you may know today is May the 4th and it is Star Wars Day (ok, not officially or anything;). So of course Tee Fury has some great Star Wars themed shirts in their Galactic Collection! These are shirts that are being offered for $15 each, in addition to their fabulous daily deal shirts for $11 (which today has 2 great Star Wars shirts battling). This collection is for a limited time so make sure to snap up all that you want! Here are a few of my favorites!

Doctor Who and Ewoks!!!

Doctor Who and Jawas!!!

Who wouldn't love Yoda the Grouch?

Who wouldn’t love Yoda the Grouch?

You are my only hope!

You are my only hope!

You have got to have a little light saber and Darth action!

You have got to have a little light saber and Darth action!

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Marvel, Netflix and Star Wars News!!!

There is great geek entertainment news out today!

First off, we have a release date for Star Wars Episode VII! It will be released December 18, 2015. Everything else in the press release, while fabulous, was pretty much known information. John Williams will be doing the music. J.J. Abrams will be directing and there is an over all slate of people with great geek cred behind the movie.

Then came what I consider the really big news of the day! The Marvel and Netflix deal!!!!! Marvel TV is going to do 4 live action series exclusively for Netflix and they are going to lead to a miniseries that brings all 4 together in the miniseries called The Defender! They are going to have a series for Daredevil first and then Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist keeping everything very Hell’s Kitchen focused.

There is talk of multiple years of programming but the initial commitment is fabulous on its own. Netflix has committed to carrying 13 episodes of all 4 series and then The Defender mini series.

This is so very fabulous!!!

Star Wars T-Shirt Tuesday

I couldn’t do very many T-Shirt Tuesday’s without doing a Star Wars themed week! So here is a round up of but a few Star Wars themed shirts!


I admit, I first look for shirts for me and me alone when I do these round ups and I absolutely love this one!!! You can get it in a variety of colors and styles but I love it in a cranberry v neck! She Can Do It ties together Princess Leia and Rosie so I am sold. I think I am going to wear it with a black jacket that has some red pinstripes and a black pencil skirt! If I am feeling really fancy I may pair it with some ox blood heels!

Star Wars Polo Shirts

I am all about working geek fashion into real life. So these
Star Wars Polo Shirts
are awesome for that! You could totally rock these in any business casual environment or even Sunday church.



You have got to love this Smugglers shirt! It doesn’t just have Han but he is headlining the group!


I love a great crossover t-shirt! Not the Droids is absolutely adorable and brings together a variety of geekdoms!


Ok, you might not really be cooler than Han Solo but this shirt is a start in the right direction! This might be a shirt I get in black though…

Do you love any of these? There are so many great ones out there that I just included a few.

 So what should I round up next? Let me know in the comments!!!

Star Wars and the IT Crowd Together

Ok geeks, what can really be better than Ewan McGregor (Obi Wan) and Chris O’Dowd (Roy) together on Graham Norton? Them having a little light saber fight! I can’t help it. It made my heart happy and made me chuckle;).

Star Wars Parody Informercials

Do I really even need to convince you to watch;)? It is Star Wars and funny. There are also some great cameos.

A Star Wars Filibuster!

In honor of May the Fourth, here is Patton Oswald’s fabulous Star Wars Filibuster from Parks and Rec!

Interjections! Star Wars Rock

There isn’t much that needs to be said here. Pure awesome!!! What could be better than School House Rock? Better than Star Wars? The 2 together!

I think I laughed so hard that I may have snorted;).

A Smattering of Movie News

Just a few quick pieces of movie news, which I am sure will lead to more posts later!

Daniel BrŸhl
1) There will be an extended trailer aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday for “Oz the Great and Powerful”! I think maybe, or maybe just hope, that we will catch our first glimpses of the Wicked Witch!!!

2) J.J. Abrams is going to direct Star Wars 7. I hope this brings a resurgence of the franchise! Disney influence has done well with Marvel so hopefully it will do as well for Star Wars.

3) My latest obsession, Benedict Cumberbatch is starring in The Fifth Estate and production has begun on it!! It is the movie about the whole WikiLeaks site and Julian Assange. Cumberbatch is playing Assange. I am interested not only see the movie but also to see the conversations that it sparks.

So there is a little movie news! We have all been sick over here so I understand if it isn’t news any more but I wanted to make sure you all know!

Music from the Star Wars Holiday Special

I was 3 when the Star Wars Holiday Special cam out so I don’t remember it at all. I have heard it was an epic fail/ But I thought it was very appropriate as we near Christmas;). So for those who remember it fondly and those of us who missed it…

Disney is Acquiring LucasFilm

So Disney is buying LucasFilm… It is a 50% cash, 50% Disney stock. It looks like Lucas is leaving. Kathleen Kennedy is going to become president of LucasFilm and will report to Disney.

When I told my best friend she said that in 6 months she would understand the impact. Well, here is the big notes as for the impact.

1)Disney owns Star Wars and can now meld them into the Disney Universe. In other words Princess Leia is the newest Disney princess.

2)There are going to be new Star Wars movies starting with Episode 7 targeted to come out in 2015.

3)I believe this means that Disney now owns all the licensing deals (or all the new ones) for Star Wars. I personally wonder if it will have an effect on the Lego/Star Wars relationship. If it does, I don’t think it will effect it until there is new contract negotiations.

I am curious to see what the effects of this deal are long term. Not so much in the monetary sense but in the Star Wars culture. I think the movies might be better but beyond that? What do you think?