Project Loon from Google

So have you been hearing about Google launching internet service through the skies instead of wiring remote regions? Here is a behind the scenes look and it is a gorgeous look with some Google Glass action too!

Thanks Robyn!

Is Google aiming for Evernote or OneNote?

Googlelogo Last week we were all shocked to hear of the impending death of Google Reader, well at least I was;). It seems that the people who are going to be missing Google Reader the most are the power user and we know that Google doesn’t want to lose them so what is the deal? Many of us thought that possibly Google was trying to drive power users more into Google+ but I find it hard to bookmark or save things there.

Then this week…. Google announced Google Keep! This is probably something they should have announced before announcing the closure of Reader;).  It looks like OneNote to me but all I initially heard was that Google is trying to inch into Evernote’s territory. I don’t agree.

OneNotelogoI think that Google is trying to shore up their position against all the new Microsoft stuff. And no, I am not just saying this because I am a Windows Champion;). Not only is there now the new, more mobile Windows 8 but there is a complete complimentary set of apps that goes with. With SkyDrive, the new Office 365, Outlook mail and OneNote you don’t have to really go outside the Microsoft family.  This was previously a market that I think Google had command of but all the products weren’t quite as robust (limited abilities in the Google word processing, spreadsheets, etc).


So I don’t think that Google was aiming for Evernote really at all. But I think with announcing the killing of Reader has really messed with the power users’ view of Google. Do I really want to get invested and set up something else with them? They may just discontinue it. Lets be honest. Those of us who use Reader use it a lot! I am reticent to set up something as filing system with a new product. They may not get the traffic and just delete it….

So who the fight is between? Google and Microsoft? Google and Evernote? All 3? Who do you think is going to win in the end?


(I am a Windows Champion but all opinions are mine and mine alone.)

A Look at 2013 CES

CES (Consumer Electronic Show) was last week in Las Vegas. It is the time when all the companies that deal with technology on a consumer level come out for a huge game of show and tell. Some are things that are here, coming and hope to be coming;). I decided to take just a minute to look at a few of the cool things I have heard about (from home;).

The home show is a huge part of CES! Everyone brings out there concept models to get everyone excited!!! Why all the concept stuff and not just what is coming out new? Because it not only energizes people but it gets developers excited to work with them!

Whirlpool had their fireplace table along with a whole booth of awesomeness including Art Gallery Hoods and a house controlled by smart phone! The Smart Grid aspect (being able to manage your appliances power use is actually supposed to be coming out this spring.

Samsung brought out their smart home set up too that including their T9000 refrigerator with the lcd screen built in. I have already heard talk from someone at Evernote about how they are working the app for it. These devices are nothing now without apps!

Then there is the gadgets! There are toys like remote controlled toys & Lego stuff. There is also lot accessories. Sony showed everyone their new speakers including the bluetooth mobile speaker. IHome showed a ton of their new systems too. Then there are all the other “smart” accessories like the HapiFork that tells you to slow down when you eat and monitors your eating.

And then there are the machines! We already heard about the monitors. There are also the new phones and computers. Even there Microsoft wasn’t a big presence the new Windows 8 machines were a big thing and some of them are actually available now;). Lenovo showed their new machines like the Ideapad Yoga and Asus showed the ginormous 23 inch tablet!!!

There is so much more that happened at CES but these are just a few of the awesome highlights I have seen!!! Maybe next year I will muster another trip to CES and check it all out for myself!

Internet of Things Consortium

The most interesting bit of news that I have heard from CES is about a new consortium that has been formed. It is the Internet of Things Consortium!

According to their website:

The Internet of Things Consortium is a non-profit organization with the mission of facilitating cooperation between hardware, software, and service providers.

There are a variety of charter members that are very interesting like Logitech and PolyControl. One of my favorite KickStarter projects, Ooya, is also on board!!!!  There isn’t a lot of information out there yet but I can’t wait to hear! There was a meeting at CES talking about it but since I am not there I missed out;).

A Glimpse at CES Day1


Picture from Cnet

I am not at CES this year but I, like every other geek in the world, am watching the announcements with bated breath! So here are some of the things I have found interesting!

The 32 inch View Sonic tablet looks very fun and cool! It is Windows 8 with 10 point multi touch. (Cnet)

Kingston has a 1Tb USB 3.0 flash drive….Is there really anything I can say to make that cooler? (DailyTech)

BuQu Tech announced a magnetizing iPhone 5 charger. I hope they release some for Android too! (i4U News)

There are a few awesome tools for the connected home like the Philips Hue system and the Wemo lighting control system. (Techlicious)


Tomorrow I will share what coolness I see;)!


Dual Monitor Arm Setup

Amazon is having more awesome 1 day deals and today’s are very geeky!!! They have a variety of “upgrading your office” themed products. But the one that really intrigues me is this 3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm (MA220MB)!

I do a dual monitor situation with my laptop and a monitor every day. I love the idea of mounting the monitor but when the husband is home he uses the monitor and is about 6 inches taller than me. But an adjustable arm, hmm.

Does anyone use an adjustable arm set up? How adjustable do you think it is??? And if you are looking to buy one, this deal is today only!!!

Western Digital Hardware Giveaway

Ok, you all know that I love tech. I love hardware and I love living in a well connected house. I make high demands on my internet, storage and watch just about all my tv on the internet(no cable here people;).

In the last couple of years the demand on my router has grown by leaps and bounds with tablets, NetFlix and Amazon on Demand. And at this point let me just say that there is nothing more annoying than snuggling in with your husband, 2 laptops and watching tv on my media computer then the streaming show goes into a holding pattern. Blurg!

So when I got my hands on the My Net N900 Router I was stoked. Why? Because it is made for the modern home! Not only is it fast it is also prioritizing. So my streaming show won’t be the thing that is slowed down when the 3rd person decides to load a web page!! Also there are dual channels, tons of ports and so much goodness!!! Pair that with the My Book Live 1 TB Personal Cloud Storage Drive for storage and access and you are unstoppable! You can even access it remotely!
And then there is the streaming! I mean I gotta watch or listen to something, right? The WD TV Live Streaming Media Player is a great option! If you have any paid media strategies then it is probably available! You can also access Facebook and YouTube.

Who needs cable when you have streaming? I mean, new media is the now and the future;).

Needless to say, Western Digital has you covered!

So how would you like to win a bundle of all 3 of these fabulous pieces?

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(Disclosure: I received a bundle to use and as compensation for the giveaway!)

High Tech Tesla Dashboard

Control Panel – Tesla Model S by videosonlytube

I saw this video about the Tesla dashboard. It is so cool!!! I really love the gps shows up in the dashboard in front of you so you don’t have to focus off to the side.

I am not a huge car person but this is just so techy and cool!!!