Is Google aiming for Evernote or OneNote?

Googlelogo Last week we were all shocked to hear of the impending death of Google Reader, well at least I was;). It seems that the people who are going to be missing Google Reader the most are the power user and we know that Google doesn’t want to lose them so what is the deal? Many of us thought that possibly Google was trying to drive power users more into Google+ but I find it hard to bookmark or save things there.

Then this week…. Google announced Google Keep! This is probably something they should have announced before announcing the closure of Reader;).  It looks like OneNote to me but all I initially heard was that Google is trying to inch into Evernote’s territory. I don’t agree.

OneNotelogoI think that Google is trying to shore up their position against all the new Microsoft stuff. And no, I am not just saying this because I am a Windows Champion;). Not only is there now the new, more mobile Windows 8 but there is a complete complimentary set of apps that goes with. With SkyDrive, the new Office 365, Outlook mail and OneNote you don’t have to really go outside the Microsoft family.  This was previously a market that I think Google had command of but all the products weren’t quite as robust (limited abilities in the Google word processing, spreadsheets, etc).


So I don’t think that Google was aiming for Evernote really at all. But I think with announcing the killing of Reader has really messed with the power users’ view of Google. Do I really want to get invested and set up something else with them? They may just discontinue it. Lets be honest. Those of us who use Reader use it a lot! I am reticent to set up something as filing system with a new product. They may not get the traffic and just delete it….

So who the fight is between? Google and Microsoft? Google and Evernote? All 3? Who do you think is going to win in the end?


(I am a Windows Champion but all opinions are mine and mine alone.)

5 Must Have Apps for Productivity on a Droid


I recently got a new HTC Droid DNA to use from Verizon. While I love trying out new phones but no matter how shiny they are, you need some apps to get some work done! Lets face it, how I justify paying for a phone plan is because I can get some work done! But my 5 apps are not the ones just for cranking out work but the most helpful;).

1) Gmail: Gmail is my first, must have app! I find that the built in email client on the phone never works as well. Checking email is the biggest task I can knock out on my phone!

2)Hootsuite: Hootsuite enables me to tweet not only for myself but for my social media clients! It helps me to also monitor everything so that we don’t have a Burger King incident;).

3)Facebook: Ok, it may not totally be work but being able to deal with my Facebook on the go means that I don’t have to take the time to deal with it when I get home!

4)Wordpress: Ok, I don’t do a lot of blogging off my phone but I can edit mistakes and moderate comments. I hate knowing I have a spammy comment on a blog post and have to leave it there because I don’t have access to my WordPress!

5)Pinterest: I know Pinterest sounds like an odd must have app but hear me out. Being active on Pinterest is getting to be more and more important in the blogging world but it can easily suck up so much time (rabbit hole anyone;). By accessing Pinterest primarily on mobile devices helps limit the amount of time I waste!

There are near misses that I didn’t put on the list like SkyDrive, OneNote, and Pages. They are all important too but these are my first 5! What are your first 5 apps on a new phone?

(Disclosure: I am an ambassador for Verizon and they sent me the Droid DNA to use! All words and opinions are mine!)

Cloud Storage: Why and Where

Cloud Storage

1)Back up storage
2)Easy sharability of files: You can send links or even share a complete folders. You just need the person’s email.
3)Access everywhere!!

Free Sources of Limited Space: (all of these have apps for mobile access)

1)SkyDrive: This is my current favorite cloud storage! You get 7GB free. What makes it special to me is that you can edit your Office documents in the Office Apps. If you are on a computer with Office you can also use it in order to get the full capabilities.

2)Amazon Cloud: This is great for media! You can get 5GB free and can pay to upgrade.

3)Google Drive: This can tie into your Gmail, Google Calendar and other Google Apps.

4)Dropbox: This is the original, reputable cloud storage service. I believe you get 2GB free to start. They often offer ways to earn more free space and you can always pay to upgrade too.

(Disclosure: I am in the Windows Champions program. That doesn’t influence my opinions.)

PicMonkey for the Holidays

I love, love, love (did I mention love;) PicMonkey! I am not known for taking great pictures and I am really lazy so I am not spending a ton of time on photo editing them either! But when I went to TypeA this year I heard about PicMonkey.  I didn’t want to spend money on a fancy photo editor. Well, PicMonkey is free and super easy to use! I immediately came home and started playing with it!

My Facebook cover collage for NerdFamily Food that I made in a minute!!!

I have used it a ton to make graphics for posts, graphic labels, the like! But in addition to all the normal photo editor tools PicMonkey also has great holiday effects and filters. You can layer them onto each other and build something new or just edit an existing profile picture for holiday fun.

It is a super simple process.

Open the initial profile picture in PicMonkey

I clicked on the snowflake and picked the winter theme. Then added frost effect.

Then I picked the flakery overlay and placed 2 snowflakes.

Then I added a single snowman;). All done, that easy!!!

It is that easy!!! Now I have a jaunty holiday profile picture!!! PicMonkey really is that easy to use!!! And you don’t just have to use the effects on profile pictures. Many people have used the Winterland effects to make other fabulous projects (the ideas of which I may copy;) and they are over on Pinterest! Check them out too.

Have you tried it yet? Go give it a try and then share a link to your finished project so I can see!!!

(This post was financially motivated by PicMonkey but all the words and opinions are mine!)