Cloud Storage: Why and Where

Cloud Storage

1)Back up storage
2)Easy sharability of files: You can send links or even share a complete folders. You just need the person’s email.
3)Access everywhere!!

Free Sources of Limited Space: (all of these have apps for mobile access)

1)SkyDrive: This is my current favorite cloud storage! You get 7GB free. What makes it special to me is that you can edit your Office documents in the Office Apps. If you are on a computer with Office you can also use it in order to get the full capabilities.

2)Amazon Cloud: This is great for media! You can get 5GB free and can pay to upgrade.

3)Google Drive: This can tie into your Gmail, Google Calendar and other Google Apps.

4)Dropbox: This is the original, reputable cloud storage service. I believe you get 2GB free to start. They often offer ways to earn more free space and you can always pay to upgrade too.

(Disclosure: I am in the Windows Champions program. That doesn’t influence my opinions.)


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