Container Terminal Service Agreement

That terminal service agreement (“agreement”) shall be entered on 1 November 2020 and between the party identified in respect of each terminal listed in Annex I in respect of the terminal concerned in respect of the corresponding terminal, in accordance with Annex I (that part, to the extent that the terminal concerned is applicable, a `customer`) and the party identified as `terminal owner` in respect of the terminal referred to in Annex I (that part, to the extent applicable to the terminal concerned, a `terminal owner`. This sixth amendment to the Third Amended and Adapted Terminal Service Agreement (“Amendment”) was adopted on September 1, 2020 dated by and between Marathon Petroleum Company LP, a delaware Limited Partnership with address 539 South Main Street, Findlay, Ohio 45840 (“MPC”) and MPLX Terminals LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware with address 200 East Hardin Street. Findlay, Ohio 45840 (“Terminal Owner”). Each MPC and terminal owner are individually referred to as “party” or “parties” together. The parties have concluded a capacity allocation contract for services which sets out the specific commercial conditions of the transaction. These general terms and conditions of sale form an integral part of the capacity allocation contract and form part of this contract. In the event of a contradiction between this Agreement and the capacity allocation contract, the capacity allocation contract shall apply. This first amendment to the Terminal Services Agreement (this “Amendment”) dates from September 28, 2018, but with effect from August 6, 2018 (“Effective Date of Amendment”), by and between Tesoro Great Plains Gathering & Marketing LLC (“TGP”) and Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company LLC (“Customer”).