Cumberbatch and The Fifth Estate

I just caught the brand new trailer for Dreamworks new film The Fifth Estate that is coming out this fall. I am really looking forward to this coming out in the fall. Not only because it is about Wikileaks and the man behind it but because it is starring the illustrious Benedict Cumberbatch!

My initial thoughts… It looks good. It looks like we are going to get a full picture from the ground up and they aren’t jumping right to the end days. I hadn’t realized that Stanley Tucci was in it! I like that!

Ok, lets get to why many are watching this 5 minutes after it came out… Benedict Cumberbatch;). I find the Assange look very convincing but unnerving;). I find the voice a little like his Alan Rickman but backed off just a little bit. And yes, I am familiar with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Alan Rickman impersonation;). I have a feeling that I am going to be very impressed with his portrayal!

So how about you? Are you excited about The Fifth Estate?

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