Disney is Acquiring LucasFilm

So Disney is buying LucasFilm… It is a 50% cash, 50% Disney stock. It looks like Lucas is leaving. Kathleen Kennedy is going to become president of LucasFilm and will report to Disney.

When I told my best friend she said that in 6 months she would understand the impact. Well, here is the big notes as for the impact.

1)Disney owns Star Wars and can now meld them into the Disney Universe. In other words Princess Leia is the newest Disney princess.

2)There are going to be new Star Wars movies starting with Episode 7 targeted to come out in 2015.

3)I believe this means that Disney now owns all the licensing deals (or all the new ones) for Star Wars. I personally wonder if it will have an effect on the Lego/Star Wars relationship. If it does, I don’t think it will effect it until there is new contract negotiations.

I am curious to see what the effects of this deal are long term. Not so much in the monetary sense but in the Star Wars culture. I think the movies might be better but beyond that? What do you think?

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