Dolman Sleeve Dress

It is time for another round of Hot or Not here at Geek for the Real Girl. I got this dolman sleeved cowl dress for a song from The Avenue for a song. But I am just not sure about it.


It has big sleeves with the cold shoulder cut out on them. When I put it on the husband made a face;). He likes the dress other than the sleeves;). I think it is really cute but the sleeves are rather large. But I can’t figure out if that is a deal killer. If I keep it I would wear it on my tv spots and maybe with some leggings to church.

So readers, I am once again asking your opinion! Is this a hit or miss? I need to figure out if I should return it so chime in!


  1. I think if hubby doesn’t like it, it should probably be returned. Though, it probably matters WHY he doesn’t like it. And As I’m looking at it, I’m not sure those sleeves are as flattering as they could be. It IS a cute dress though… (I’ve only ever kept one dress that my husband didn’t like, and I only kept it because the reason he didn’t like it was because it had large flowers on it. He said it seemed like a garden had thrown up on me…. but if it had been for some other reason, I probably would have returned it.) JMHO.

  2. He doesn’t hate it, he just thinks the sleeves are weird;). He doesn’t care but thinks it is odd. So I have to decide for myself;). But it isn’t something I would wear on a date with him;).

  3. Great color, blue looks amazing on you! Love cowl neck anything, and I usually love big sleeves, but those look mismatched to the form fitting dress. Maybe its the slits on the top that is throwing it off.
    I think I’d return it, if it was me, but I am not the hippest up-to-date with fashion gal….so..
    How do YOU feel in it? Do the sleeves bug you?

  4. Love it! (But I like weird.) Love the color, love the sleeves, love the belt, love the length! And it might just look awesome with your Christmas gift. 😉

  5. Ok… Love the dress, the color, the cowl, the fit, but ummm not the sleeves. The sleeves kill it for me, and they’ll drive you nuts and be distracting on tv. Can you just sew them together? 😉

  6. There are definitely things I like about the dress….most specifically the color. WOW! You look good in Sapphire Blue!

    I’m not a fan of the sleeves…mostly because I have gigantic skin jiggle on my upper arms and I might scare people away if I had large slits that revealed the quaking cellulite. I don’t know of your arms are a spot of strife with your appearance, but I probably would never have even put the dress on because of the sleeves.

    Otherwise, the length is good (and looks awesome with boots), and the neckline is good for you.

    It’s your call.

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