Exclusive Retailer Agreement Amazon

“Amazon respects a manufacturer`s right to enter into exclusive distribution agreements for its products. However, since the implementation of these agreements is a matter of contract between the manufacturer and distributors, it would not be appropriate for Amazon to help enforce these agreements. If the other seller buys your products from a distributor, they have the right to resell them. It belongs to the seller and they can sell it if they want to. As for the operating theatre, to have exclusive rights, you have to make a deal with the manufacturer, that you would be the only one to which this factory will sell, and if you are not Apple, I do not see how you can make such a deal. Factories and manufacturers will sell to many retailers like you, so I don`t understand what is so exclusive? manufacturer of the owner of this brand. It is like partnering with them to distribute their products in the United States. So I`m basically an exclusive American retailer, but also an official one. I am an exclusive U.S. import distributor and licensee of my Korean sales brand. We also trade wholesale, as we are the exclusive distributor in the United States. However, as there was about a week ago, there is a seller who resells our products claim that they are bought by a department store in Korea and say that they are all authentic made in Korea. We are not aware of this seller because we have not distributed to this seller.

I would say it is purchased by licensed dealers in the United States. But this seller got it from a foreign merchant over which I have no control, and I don`t even know if that`s true. If one of the authorized merchants has decided to leave the store and sells them for less than what they paid, and someone buys them, he has every right to sell them here. If the ones bought in Korea are the same as those sold here, the same is true. They cannot prevent the consumer from reselling. I have an exclusive agreement with my manufacturer/owner of the brand to protect its intellectual property in the United States with exclusive distribution rights, which is why it is my duty to protect it and also to protect my other resellers who sell or are considering selling our products on Amazon. Then we did not hear a response from them. Today, I complained to Amazon about a possible trademark infringement because we did not deliver it, they are not authorized resellers, and it is possible that they are not genuine products.

Amazon, however, says they are unable to de-dismantle their products for the following reasons. And why won`t they respond to my first email when I asked them if they were interested in becoming a licensed dealer?