Geek Tees: Bacon Style

Periodic BaCoN V-Neck Babydoll

What is geekier than Bacon in element symbols;)?

So I couldn’t let the International Bacon Day to go completely unmentioned, could I? While it was celebrated on August 31st I thought it would still be timely to check out some of the great bacon geek shirts that are out there!

And I wanted to start with this great science bacon cross over! Ok, I admit it. I am a sucker for a great elemental t-shirt. And this Periodic Bacon shirt comes in both babydoll and standard cuts from ThinkGeek!


Ah, a little Shakespeare should bring some class to this subject. Hamlet’s Dilemma comes in a variety of colors and styles over at RedBubble. And really, is that a choice many of us could make;)?

Come To The Dark Side We Have Bacon

Finally Darth found a very attractive marketing ploy to get us over to the dark side in this shirt! If only my hair didn’t do perfect Princess Leia cinnamon rolls and if I didn’t have mad bacon skills of my own, I might have considered it. Bacon wrapped turkey anyone;)? Just prove my skills;).

And just in case you need some more bacon options, ThinkGeek has got you!

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