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TARDIS Costume Tee

Later this month I am going to the fabulous Type A Parent Conference. The closing party is going to be British themed and there is an encouragement to dress up! I quickly realized that not only have I never done cos play that I am cheap and only taking a carry on;). That led me to this week’s theme! For the COS play challenged there is always the costume tee! You might even get to wear it when you aren’t trying to specifically dress up!

So here is a bunch of Doctor Who costume tees from Think Geek!!! Starting with the TARDIS, of course!

10th Doctor Costume Tee

Pair the 10th Doctor tee with some Converse sneakers, spiky hair and black frames and you have a decent little costume there!

11th Doctor Costume Tee

Then there is the 11th Doctor’s tee! Maybe a fez or a cowboy hat will finish this look off?

Captain Jack Harkness Costume Tee

And it isn’t all about The Doctor. Check out Captain Jack!

4th Doctor Costume Tee

If you are an old school Doctor fan, go with the 4th Doctor’s Tee! This is especially great if you have some great curly hair!

If you are heading over to pick up any of these fabulous tees (or anything else) make sure to use the coupon code to get a Buy 1 get 1 50% off deal before the 11th!!!


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