Is Google aiming for Evernote or OneNote?

Googlelogo Last week we were all shocked to hear of the impending death of Google Reader, well at least I was;). It seems that the people who are going to be missing Google Reader the most are the power user and we know that Google doesn’t want to lose them so what is the deal? Many of us thought that possibly Google was trying to drive power users more into Google+ but I find it hard to bookmark or save things there.

Then this week…. Google announced Google Keep! This is probably something they should have announced before announcing the closure of Reader;).  It looks like OneNote to me but all I initially heard was that Google is trying to inch into Evernote’s territory. I don’t agree.

OneNotelogoI think that Google is trying to shore up their position against all the new Microsoft stuff. And no, I am not just saying this because I am a Windows Champion;). Not only is there now the new, more mobile Windows 8 but there is a complete complimentary set of apps that goes with. With SkyDrive, the new Office 365, Outlook mail and OneNote you don’t have to really go outside the Microsoft family.  This was previously a market that I think Google had command of but all the products weren’t quite as robust (limited abilities in the Google word processing, spreadsheets, etc).


So I don’t think that Google was aiming for Evernote really at all. But I think with announcing the killing of Reader has really messed with the power users’ view of Google. Do I really want to get invested and set up something else with them? They may just discontinue it. Lets be honest. Those of us who use Reader use it a lot! I am reticent to set up something as filing system with a new product. They may not get the traffic and just delete it….

So who the fight is between? Google and Microsoft? Google and Evernote? All 3? Who do you think is going to win in the end?


(I am a Windows Champion but all opinions are mine and mine alone.)

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