Math & Science T-Shirt Tuesday

Science Club

My best friend, Sara, is the inspiration for this week’s Geek T-Shirt Tuesday post! She has not been able to really get into either of my previous weeks’ posts because while she is geeky it is just in math and science and not in any movie/tv stuff(she has other redeeming qualities;). So this week is for her starting with this fabulous Science Club babydoll tee. They also have a men’s/standard tee version.

Gotta love this Portal inspired tee! When I read it I even use the GLaDOS voice when I read it to myself;).

To me this Pi by Numbers tee is the beginning and coolest of the math based t-shirts and a must for all collectors. Once again, there is a male version but I am partial to this babydoll.


If you are feeling ambitious and want to start a discussion (or anger my husband) sport this Schrödinger’s Cat Is Alive Or Dead t-shirt. It is a simple design for a complex subject.

So that is this week’s round up. What do you think? What is your favorite here or somewhere else! Let me know!!!!


  1. Just shared this with a friend at work who LOVEs Math and is a tutor at tutoring club.

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