Need Boot Opinions

Siera Boot

I have fat calves and am plus size. So it is a pain to ever find boots that fit me. So I tend to go to The Avenue because they have a wider and adjustable boots. But still, not many fit.

My last boots are 3 years old and falling apart so once again I am on the hunt. I have found 2 boots that fit. And when I say found, I am wearing one of each right now!

I can’t decide!!! Both have an up side and both have a down side.

I really like the fit of the Siera but the back half is a suede (ish) material. It can collect dust and not handle rain well.

Sidney boot

I don’t know that I like the look of the lace up, Sidney, boot quite as much. The laces seem like it might come untied a lot. But they will stand up a little better to dust and water.

Help a girl out!!! Which pair do you think is better?


  1. I like the Sidney better – by leaps and bounds!

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