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I am not known for good pictures. I’m just not. But I like to try;). And when I received the Nokia Lumia Icon I was very excited to see how much better it could make my pictures! I mean, this has about 5 mp more than my point and shoot camera! Of course I took the standard selfies and pictures of my kids but I thought the pictures from the car wash were note worthy! And these haven’t been altered at all!

I absolutely love how the camera caught the water streaking across the windshield.


This 2nd one was taken from the driver’s seat and is out the passenger window. No zoom or anything. I love how it still grabbed the drips and the light behind the twirling brush.


This is what effect the zoom has! I was surprised to see that the colors became more vibrant. Zooms on other phones and cameras seem to close in on an object but not really bring out a whole lot more detail but with the Icon 20 mp camera seems to find detail that I really didn’t even see with my bare eyes.

The zoom was super easy to control with just a finger slide! So it means that it is great in a real life situation that doesn’t allow you to stage a picture;).

I am going to sound old here but have some patience;). I can not believe that my phone has phenomenal camera!!! Not only do I remember the days before digital photography, I also remember the first digital cameras and just how bad they were.

I have been so impressed with the Nokia Lumia Icon and its camera. It isn’t just the 20 mp but also the Zeiss lenses and all the software build ins that maximize this fabulous hardware. So in addition to the actual smart phone being great, the camera just makes this a fabulous phone!

(I am a Verizon Ambassador and a Windows Champion. While I did receive the phone to write about, all opinions and thoughts are mine alone!)



  1. The Nokia Lumia Icon does take amazing pictures ~ Before having one I used to only use my DSLR for photos that ‘mattered’ but now I use this camera more than my other one.

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