Novel Geek Tees


I can’t be alone, right? Books can really make this girl happy;). Right now my husband and I are finishing up the audio version of the first book of The Hunger Games and it got me thinking about how much I miss just sitting and reading! Ah, books… is there anything geekier or nerdier? I think not! So novels are today’s theme!!!

Books=Happiness is a great shirt at RedBubble! You can get this one in different styles and colors!

All time fav: Wrinkle in Time

All time fav: Wrinkle in Time

Our first book is repped with a fantastic Wrinkle in Time shirt I found at ModCloth!


I also found this great Alice in Wonderland tee at ModCloth too!!!


To wrap up a novel tee gathering we had to have a little Harry Potter;). Here is a great Hogwarts Alumni tee from RedBubble! Which means there are a ton of options!

What are your favorite books? What are your favorite book themed tees? Check these out and pick up one or two (and clicking through this links will help support this site)!!!

See you next week!

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